What The Achieve Act Is Trying To Achieve

The ‘Achieve Act’ is a piece of legislation for reforming United States immigration laws. Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) and Jon Kyl (R-AZ) proposed the Achieve act in 2012 as an alternative to the Dream Act.

During the reelection campaign for US Presidency this past year, President Obama strongly supported the bill and often spoke about it to Hispanic voters. Immigration reform has become one of the priorities of Obama’s administration, as most Americans favor some sort of changes to our immigration laws.

What is the Achieve Act trying to achieve?

The goal of the Achieve Act is to legalize some illegal immigrants already residing in the United States by offering them a “path to true citizenship”. A large percentage of illegal aliens are Latino so, the issue is politically relevant to them.

Differences between the Achieve and Dream Act?

The Achieve Act

The main difference between the two proposed plans is that the Achieve act does not offer a path to true citizenship, but rather the qualifying illegal immigrant would be granted “permanent non-immigrant status” after he or she has completed a certain level of education or military service. It would allow those who qualify to work here to remain here to work, but deny them all the other benefits of citizenship.

The Dream Act

The Achieve act is a “tougher” bill than the Dream act as fewer illegal immigrants would qualify under its terms. Proponents of the Dream act say the new bill has unfair provisions and leaves many immigrants who are seeking citizenship hanging in limbo. Another criticism is that the text is murky, poorly worded, and is difficult to interpret by judicial standards. The bill has been denounced by immigration reform advocates for not granting full citizenship to those who meet the eligibility standards.

Why the Dream Act Failed to Pass

In 2010 the Dream act failed to pass in the Senate after being passed in the House. Senate Democrats were unable to receive enough votes to get the bill into law, with most Republicans voting ‘no’ on the legislation. Conservatives who opposed it, painted the bill as too expensive and amounts to granting “backdoor amnesty” to those who are here illegally. Some opponents expressed concern that the bill would send a bad message to those seeking to cross the border; encouraging and rewarding their actions. Others, said that it would be very easily exploited by fraud.

Looking ahead it is hard to see the Achieve act ever receiving enough support to become law. With the Democrats controlling the Senate and the republicans having a majority in the House; it is unlikely they will come together to pass this bill or a similar one without drastic changes to its content. It isn’t clear exactly what direction the reformers will now take in order to alter the current situation, but supporters of immigration reform will need to keep up their fight if they intend to change the immigration laws of the United States.

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