What Thrills Ahead: New To Orlando Theme Parks In 2013

Every year, theme park lovers eagerly wait to hear what massive attraction will be rolled out next for parks like Disney World and Universal Studios Florida. Each year, the parks make announcements of what the New Year has in store for visitors. Renting Orlando vacation home rentals for a family vacation provides a unique opportunity to experience all the parks and new attractions being rolled out this year.

Prepare for War

Will there ever be peace between the Autobots and Decepticons? Probably not, but in this instance the lack of peace works in our favor, as Universal Studios announced the addition of “Transformers: The Ride 3D”, which is set to open during the summer of 2013, according to NBC News. A little slow moving—as the sister theme parks, Universal Studios Hollywood and Singapore, opened a Transformers ride in 2012 and 2011 respectively—but better late than never.

The ride begins with visitors waiting in a line that takes them through N.E.S.T. right before a Decepticon attack. Each guest gets a pair of 3D glasses as they enter their motion-simulator vehicles that will take them through a series of explosions, crashes, and heart-pounding chases.

Where the Magic Lives

Most people want to hear that some new Star Wars attractions are being rolled out at Disney World, given the recent acquisition of Lucas Films, but alas, no such news yet. Likely that any rides or ‘worlds’ constructed to pay homage to the beloved space tale will come closer to the release, if not after, of the next movie. It is believed that Disney will bank in on Star Wars in their theme parks as they did with Pixar and as Universal did with Harry Potter.

For those of you who haven’t made a trip to Disney World in a while, some major changes await you in the Magic Kingdom, where a three-phase renovation of Fantasyland is underway. Fantasyland has been expanded, taking over the area where the ride 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Mickey’s Toontown Fair used to sit, and will essentially double the area by its completion, according to Theme Parks About. For visitors in 2013, you will get to experience just about everything in the newly expanded area with one exception—the ‘flagship ride’ of the area, The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which is not set to open until sometime in 2014.

Beyond the one ride still being constructed, guests can enjoy some classics, as well as new additions, in Fantasyland:

– Storybook Circus: a 1940s/1950s style classic circus, one of the most iconic rides, Dumbo, is housed here and better than ever!

– The Enchanted Forest: where you can adventure with your favorite characters from “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Little Mermaid.”

For all the details of the new attractions in Fantasyland, visit the Disney World website.

Just One Short Trip

Orlando is truly a unique place for vacationing families and couples. Whether you are looking to thrill yourself at Universal Studios or get in touch with a more nostalgic side at Disney World, book your Orlando vacation home rentals today to start planning a vacation to remember.

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