What To Do If You Get Sprayed By A Skunk

There are few odors more pungent or recognizable than that of skunk spray. If you or a pet is sprayed by one of these creatures (which happens to be a surprisingly rare occurrence), don’t worry! There are things you can do to get rid of the odor, but of course, it’s best to avoid getting sprayed in the first place.

Avoiding the Dreaded Spray
Skunks do most of their foraging and rummaging at night, which is perhaps why humans get sprayed so rarely. If you do happen to be out late one night and come across a skunk, don’t panic. Screaming, flailing your arms, making quick movements, or rushing toward the skunk in an effort to run it off are all easy ways to get doused. Instead, calmly and quietly step backward, moving away from the skunk.

What’s Up, Doc?
If you do happen to get sprayed, your first instinct might be to rush to a doctor or hospital. In most cases, however, there’s no need for this. Unless the spray is causing extreme eye or skin irritation, a trip to the doctor isn’t in order, but a trip to the shower is! Pets, on the other hand, can benefit from a vet visit for smell-removing remedies.

A Word of Caution
While you probably won’t have to visit the doctor for a skunk spray, you should certainly seek medical attention for a skunk bite, as should your pet. While rare, skunk bites can transmit rabies, making immediate medical attention vital.

Getting Rid of the Stench
There are a lot of rumors as to the best way to remove skunk smell. Some people swear by tomato juice, while others say a beer bath can remove the stench. For most people and pets, though, it’s a surprisingly simple combination of peroxide, vinegar, baking soda, and dish liquid that does the trick. Of course, there are also commercial skunk-odor sprays available, but always check to make sure they are safe for animal use before applying them to your pet.

Keeping Skunks Away
No one wants to smell like a skunk, which is why it’s wise to reduce the likelihood of a spray by keeping skunks as far away as possible. You can repel skunks easily with a quality skunk repellent, ideally one that is unappealing to skunks on several different levels, such as smell, taste and feel. Just be sure to choose a humane, environmentally friendly product containing natural ingredients for safe usage. If you’ve already got skunks on your property, you may want to consider using a reliable trap to catch the animals — once trapped, animal control can advise you as to your next step.

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