What To Expect From Your Pre-Wedding Photography Session

Everyone appreciates the importance of a wedding day. It’s arguably the most special day of your life and your desire to ensure everything is perfect will overwhelm you – everything will need to be the way you and your partner imagined it. Nowhere has the saying ‘practice makes perfect’ been truer than your big day, which is why it is becoming increasingly more common for couples to have an engagement photography session prior to the big event.

Why Book A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?
A pre-wedding photoshoot is a great way for you and your fiancé to capture the beginning of your very own magical life-long journey. Unless you want these images to appear overly posed and formal, these sessions are normally a fun and relaxed affair that will help you get comfortable in front of the camera and help you both prepare your most flattering poses for the day itself.

Building A Relationship With Your Chosen Photographer
For most brides and grooms, the emerging photography is also crucial element of their wedding experience. These images will ensure that their own story can be retold and relived for years and years to come, so it seems only logical to spend a lot of time choosing the perfect photographer. Pre-wedding photography sessions are an ideal way to build a good relationship with your photographer and get to understand their individual shooting style. You may choose to be photographed at a place of special significance to you and your partner, perhaps at the church or wedding venue, or try out a location that’s been recommended by your photographer. Engagement photography sessions are great for practicing how to stand and smile but they also help the photographer get to know a couple and determine how they act naturally off-camera. This enables them to then capture the one-off gems and candid photographs that capture your personality and charisma.

Essentially, the more time you spend with your photographer and the more frames he’s taken, the better your rapport with them will be. This in turn will produce photographs that look natural and well-composed. The last thing you want to receive after your wedding is a reel of awkward, forced images that don’t reflect your experience of your wedding day at all!

Preparing For The Shoot
As previously mentioned, pre-wedding photography sessions are meant to be a useful and practical warm-up, so they must be treated as a special occasion. Ensure that you make the most out of the session by choosing a time that suits both of you (not during your lunch break, as this will leave you feeling rushed and unprepared) and wearing smart yet comfortable clothes. We’d always recommend taking a couple of different outfits that are not time or era-specific – after all, if you’re going to be looking at these photographs for years to come, you don’t want to regret your wardrobe choice!

Practical Uses For Engagement Photography
Aside from being a great way to get used to being in front of the lens, the images from your engagement photography session could be used to adorn your wedding invitations, or included in a customised wedding guest book. They will also make great memorabilia and could be presented as a gift to those who went the extra mile to make your wedding day a success.

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