What To Know Before Buying A Rebuilt Engine

Buying an overhauled engine does leave you with some doubts and niggle immediately after the purchase. However, there’s nothing to worry if you have purchased the engine from a reputed rebuilder. With that said, here is a list of things you should check for when you buy such an engine:

Are The Wearable Components New?
Wearable components like piston, gasket, pistons, oil pump, etc., cannot be rebuilt. These have to be new. Plus, the new wearable parts must conform to the manufacturer’s original specifications and standards. In other words, these parts must be exactly like the parts that were in the old engine. This is the first thing you must check.

How Have The Machined Parts Been Rebuilt?
There are some parts like crankshaft, connecting rods, valve seats, etc., that require precision engineering to ensure that they are as good as new and they meet the highest quality standards after the rebuild. You must ensure that such parts in the rebuilt engine are not used replacements – and if they are, you must not buy the engine. Used replacements will impact performance and dramatically shorten the life of the overhauled engine. If you are not able to tell, you should hire a professional.

Do the Engine Parts Meet OEM Requirements?
After rebuilding, the engine must work as per the latest manufacturer specifications. So, if an old engine is rebuilt you must ensure that the parts used are current – i.e., the parts that the manufacturer is currently using to build engines. Recent parts will enhance engine performance and help you become more productive with your vehicle.

What Is The Price You’re Paying?
An overhauled engine roughly costs 50% (or less) than the price of a new engine. So, if you are paying more, then you may be throwing money down the drain. If you do not know how to value a rebuilt engine, hire an appraiser or make many enquiries in the market before you buy. And, remember, paying a lower cost does not mean that the engine can compromise on performance.

Are The Engine Parts Compatible?
The overhauled engine must feature the same level of part-compatibility as that of the old engine. That’s the challenge – the rebuilt motor’s parts must be compatible like the old engine’s and the rebuilt motor must work just like a new engine. Remember, one incorrect part has the potential to throw the engine off-gear and cause misery in the form of breakdowns.

These are the factors you must pay attention to when you buy an overhauled motor.

Johnny H. Kuhn is a blogger and car aficionado who uses high quality rebuilt engines to restore cars and trucks alike.

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