What To Look For In A Spring Party Dress

While we all rush out to buy metallics, sparkles and sequins as soon as the first of December arrives, we need to totally change our approach to dressing for a night out when winter turns to spring. I bet you loved black bodycon dresses with sequin dresses in the run-up to Christmas, but now suddenly you seem like an overdressed festive decoration if you head out in something like this when the weather gets a bit warmer and the evenings are lighter.

Back from black
Dressing for a spring party means banishing those sparkles, resisting the urge to always wear black and generally lightening and brightening up your wardrobe. Think punchy colours or even bold pastels (nothing too pale – those outfits are reserved for balmy summer evenings) so you can start searching for the perfect spring party dress.

Added Volume
One of the key looks for this spring is exaggerated volume. Designers loved this look and embraced it on everything from oversized coats to voluminous dresses. While sexy bodycon dresses look perfect for a posh winter cocktail party, spring is the time when everyone can chill out a bit, choose a more relaxed look and – I think – start moving away from such fitted dresses.

I don’t mean you should be wearing baggy shapeless dresses, but what you should look for are cute 60s shifts, cocoon shapes and A-line skirts with fitted waists rather than modern bandage bodycon. At the moment I love skater shape dresses – they suit practically all bodyshapes and they come in loads of different fabrics, patterns and colours, meaning you can easily find one that suits you and your budget.

That floral touch
And of course, spring wouldn’t be complete without flowers. Erdem is the designer brand to copy here as it is famous for its beautiful floral dresses that make the perfect spring party dress when teamed with a pair of neutral court shoes and a nice blazer. You can go as retro or as modern as you like with a floral dress and even if you hate vintage, this shouldn’t put you off because lots of dresses now feature modern, graphic floral patterns that look edgy and smart, rather than old fashioned.

Touches of the orient
Another top trend that you can sport to any spring party – and that works brilliantly with floral patterns – is Japanese inspired dresses. If you’ve ever seen a picture of a traditional Japanese kimono you’ll know they’re made of huge pieces of material that are expertly folded to make beautiful outfits. Look for floral dresses with v necks and the use of folded material on the bodice to create shape. They don’t have to be the long, column dress-style of kimonos, but just feature the origami folds that make the traditional dresses so unique.

Let loose with the lace
My final top tip for the perfect spring party dress is a bit of lace. You don’t want to look like you’re going to a wedding, so experiment with brightly coloured lace that’ll really get you noticed and will match the new vibrancy of spring after the dark winter nights. You don’t need to go for all over lace – just some detailing around the bottom of a dress or lace sleeves will look pretty and spring-like.

Spring is all about new beginnings, so put your lack cocktail dresses away for a while and get ready to experiment with loser shapes, pattern and a bit of colour this year.

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This guest blog was contributed by Jennie Campford a freelance blogger who works hard to keep you up to date with the latest trendy studded high heels.

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