What to Pack to A Ski Resort?

In less than a month winter will finally arrive, and each year thousands of people go skiing resorts to practice this fun and active type of sport. If this year you’d like to be one of them and you are not sure what you’ll need in order to have the perfect holiday, here is a list of a few essential things that you should pack for a safe trip.

What to Pack to A Ski Resort?


You can rent them at the resort or you can bring your own, whatever is more comfortable with you. If it is the first time at the resort and you decide to buy a pair, make sure that they are not too long and heavy, as these are harder to be handled by beginners. However, if you’ve been practicing skiing for a long time and you like to ski faster and more confidently, longer skis are the perfect bet.

Waterproof Ski Costume

Another must-have for this winter sport, a waterproof costume is something that you absolutely cannot go skiing without. Just like with the skis, you can rent one at the resort and sometimes it can be much more convenient than actually buying your own. If it is your first time skiing or if you know that you don’t practice this sport more often than once every few years, renting a costume every time you go there will save you money and space in your luggage. Just make sure that you get the right size, otherwise, you risk feeling uncomfortable which can lead to accidents.

Non-cotton Base Layer

The secret of not being cold during skiing is layering, so you need to have a great base layer that will keep you warm and be comfortable and delicate to the skin. Avoid cotton, because the second you get sweaty (and you will surely sweat in the first five minutes on the in because skiing is a very hard and active activity), it will bind the water and moisture from your body and it will stay wet until the moment you take it off back in the hotel room. Go for synthetic fibers or Merino wool for such a type of undergarment, because it will keep you warm, dry, and provide the needed insulation.

Warm Sweater

After figuring out your base layers, pack a warm, comfortable sweater that is made of natural fabrics, but once again, not cotton. The best option for such a garment would be Merino wool, because it is breathable, lightweight, odor and water-resistant, and it regulates the body temperature, which will help you a lot when the weather changes throughout the day. If you don’t have one in your closet, take a look at the Irish sweaters made of 100% merino wool from Tara, because they are made of 100% Merino wool and will look great on you during your ski trip as well as in everyday life.


Many beginners make the mistake of not bringing sunglasses to skiing and in all honesty, this is one of the worst things that one could do. Although we usually associate sunglasses with the summer heat, during the winter the sun rays are actually even more harmful and dangerous because of the reflection in the white snow. Make sure to pack a pair of special goggles made for skiing that will protect the whole eye area against UV rays.

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