What You Should Know About Costa Rican Rainforests

With so many interesting and diverse vacation destinations to choose from, and careful planning ahead of time, it is possible to discover some of nature’s most beautiful landscapes all year round. From majestic snow-capped mountains and miles of sun-drenched Caribbean beaches to Grand Canyon vistas and southwest deserts, another natural wonder to add to the list of “must see” places are the Costa Rican rainforests.

Costa Rica Ecosystem

Costa Rica has one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth. With more than a quarter of the country’s land mass dedicated to natural ecosystems, Costa Rica eco tourism is the chance to experience a wide range of activities in a natural setting. The country plays host to over 10,000 different species of trees and plants, thousands of species of flora and fauna, unique insects, wildlife, and birds, and offers an array of biological reserves, wildlife refuges, national parks, rainforests, topical dry forests, and cloud forests to explore.

The rainforests of Costa Rica are found primarily in the Atlantic lowlands and the southwest. When enjoying a Costa Rica vacation, you will have access to the lush jungle vegetation, the intertwining overhead canopies that are home to a variety of mammals, insects, and birds, and pristine waterfalls and waterways with exotic fish, amphibians, and reptiles.

Visitors planning a Costa Rica vacation will find a plethora of interesting and educational locations to visit such as Manuel Antonio National Park, Tortuquero National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest, Arenal Volcano National Park, Tabacon Hot Springs, and Barra Honda National Park, to name just a few.

Vacationing in Costa Rica

Visitors who want to explore Costa Rica eco tourism have several options when planning a vacation itinerary. For the novice or experienced adventurer, booking an all-inclusive adventure package can include eco-friendly accommodations plus a non-invasive tour into the rainforest with guides.

Canoe and boating tours are available to take you on a leisurely ride down the river to view the aquatic inhabitants as well as getting a glimpse of the many species of wildlife along the jungle’s riverbank. Hiking tours for up-close sightseeing and fishing tours offer a chance to delve into the deep. Many of the fishing tours are catch and release only, so your impact on the ecosystem is minimal.

For the true adventurer who wants to see what the wildlife sees from atop the rainforest canopy, a guided canopy and boat tour will provide you with a bird’s eye view of the magnificent rainforest below. Tours offer guests the option of hiking or going by horseback to the start of the canopy tour. From there, you will move through the canopy using a series of platforms making you a part of the rainforest inhabitants.

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