What Your Boss Won’t Tell You About Blogging For Business

Blogging for business isn’t the same as blogging as a business or any other sort of blogging. First—and most importantly—you’re accountable to your boss. If you make a mistake blogging for business you can easily be fired. But that’s just the first thing your boss won’t tell you.

Blogging For Business Is About Selling Stuff

Very few bosses will come right out and tell you that they want the company blog to sell stuff. They may not expect it to sell stuff directly, but they absolutely expect it to boost overall sales.

Knowing this single fact can help make you successful at blogging for business. Always look for ways to sell more products or services through your blog, just as if you were an independent blogger. Also look for any opportunity to promote your company’s products and services through your blog.

Blogging For Business Ain’t Blogging About Business

Don’t fall into the corporate trap of talking about your business to people who don’t care. Your customers don’t care about your business, they care about your solutions to their problems—that is, your products or services.

Before you publish a blog, ask yourself the following three questions:

1.   Is the blog post relevant to my company’s customers?

2.   Does the blog post help my company’s customers improve their lives?

3.   Will my company’s customers be more eager to buy products or services from us after they read the blog post?

If you can’t honestly answer “yes” to all three questions, don’t publish the blog post.

Keeping Your Job Blogging For Business

In general, I highly recommend that you clear every blog post with your boss. Your boss may say that he or she trusts you and that they don’t read your daily blog posts ahead of schedule, but your job is much safer if you ask your boss to read the posts before you publish them.

If your boss wants you to publish frequently, he or she probably doesn’t want you to bother them frequently to review posts, so plan ahead. Write all the posts you plan to publish in the next month, drop them in a document, and send it to your boss. When your boss approves them, publish them on your regular schedule, but as you publish each blog post, write a new post into your document. At the end of the month, you’ll have a new set of posts to send to your boss.

If you follow the rules in this post to create interesting blogs which sell your company’s stuff, there’s a good chance your boss will give you a pay raise for your good work blogging for business.

Mitz Pantic from http://letsbuildwebsites.com wrote this article. She loves to help others build websites and blogs that are successful, whatever your goal may be.

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