What’s Happened To Common Courtesy On The Road?

What’s Happened to Common Courtesy on the Road?

Anyone who has ever driven a Volkswagen knows about the kind wave that each VW driver sends to another VW driver. However, it seems like most other drivers have completely forgotten about the fact that other drivers exist on the road.

Why Get Mad? Be Courteous, Instead.

So many drivers choose to get mad instead of being kind when they are behind the wheel. As more drivers are on the road, it is better for the heart and soul to be kind to as many people as possible. When drivers get mad at strangers on the road, those drivers experience an increase in blood pressure, stress levels and overall anger. Depending on when road rage begins, it can destroy an entire day at work, a night of sleep, and even a session of yoga!

Re-Evaluate Your Attitude

Instead of being angry or frustrated at other people on the road, drivers should re-evaluate their attitude about those drivers. Being able to drive is a privilege and sharing the joy of the privilege should be a priority. When drivers are thankful to be able to afford a car, drive a car, and have places to go, drivers have an attitude shift that makes driving so much more enjoyable.

Road Rage to the Extreme

Lack of common courtesy on the road has even made its way into the school parking lots. Parents in line to pick up their children have been known to honk at drivers, make mean hand gestures at other parents on the road, and do other horribly rude things. When parents cannot even be courteous to each other in a parking lot driveway, it is an obvious sign that things have to change. Not everyone needs to take a driving class in order to be courteous.

How to Be Courteous:

  1. Hang up the phone. Safety is, of course, a big priority with driving. If everyone stopped using their phones while they drive, then the road would be a safer place to be. There would be fewer strange mishaps on the road that would make drivers respond with rude actions and road rage.
  2. Be patient. If you are driving during the busiest times of day, you should expect that traffic will move slowly. If you mentally prepare yourself to work on your patience or to have quiet time to yourself during your commute, your entire attitude will change.
  3. Listen to calm music. If you know that you get a bit tense on the road, you can become more courteous when you listen to calming music. You do not have to chant or listen to lullabies, but a new study shows that there are actually songs that calm the heart and makes drivers perform more safely. Some of the songs include “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith.
  4. Give and get. If you are a courteous driver who lets other drivers in a long line of traffic, you wave at a driver who lets you in, or you use your turn signal, other drivers will do the same. When you give good things, good things come back in return, especially when you least expect it.

Written by Uncle Dale.

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