What’s Hot in Truck Accessories?

When you have a nice looking truck you want to spend a little bit of time getting the right accessories for it. Sometimes even the smallest of products you buy can make a world of difference in style, function, and even resell value. When we think about truck add-ons one of the first things to come to mind is a bed cover. The sleek look of the tonneau covers can transform the look of your truck. The best part about a tonneau cover is that its like a beautiful woman who also has brains. The look of the tonneau cover will make you turn your head, but when you see the function, you will fall in love.


These covers offer total protection from the things that have the potential to ruin your truck bed. Using tonneau covers can prevent rust and scratches as well as cargo marks. They are easy to maintain as they can be washed just like you wash the rest of your truck. If you choose the fiberglass models you can even use waxing agents on them.


Tonneau covers save your gas. In this economic climate gas saving measures are often a necessity. Purchasing these hard covers will allow you to claim up to 15% better gas mileage. This means that over the life time of your vehicle you will earn back the amount of your purchase simply in gas savings.


Hard covers come with a lock much like a trunk lock on a car. This means one thing to you. Security. Open beds allow anyone walking by to help themselves to whatever happens to be laying in the bed of your truck. Even the vinyl models can be completely secure with the purchase of a tailgate lock.


For those with truck envy, the better appearance of your truck may be the best feature of a tonneau cover. Open beds have their uses, but they aren’t the most styleish. When you add a tonneau cover you completely change the appearance of your truck.


Tonneau covers aren’t expensive, especially if you consider the added value they provide to your truck.

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