What’s In Your Case?

When it comes to packing a suitcase both men and women although may vary in volume of items packed, usually have the same essentials such as toiletries, underwear, shoes and some versatile clothes, as well as some electrical must haves such as a plug adapters and these days a kindle or at least an iPod. It seems the sexes are even more similar in their love of one very quintessentially British item – tea.

A recent survey has found that 31% of British holidaymakers always pack teabags when they head off abroad regardless of how long they are travelling for or where they are heading in the world. A statistic that isn’t really surprising when you consider our love of traditional English tea. The study looked at over 2000 people with the aim to investigate the nations packing habits and what they believed were important and essential items to bring on holiday regardless of their age, sex or residence in the UK.

The highest scoring necessity was that of a travel adapter scoring a whopping 71% percent topping the board, closely followed by gadgets like tablets and smartphones with 62% never going on holiday without them. Forth place was a towel, followed by the more vanity based hair straighteners, a particularly predictable list of both practical and luxury items.

Joanna Wild from The Co-operative Travel added, ‘The psychology of the suitcase is an interesting concept, and reveals a lot about us as individuals…it’s not just what we pack, it’s how we pack too. Brits seem to have strict rules for folding or rolling, layering and ordering items inside their case. ’ Perhaps a reflection of a strict rigid British approach, ‘Packing differs by country too, with the suitcase of a Belgian tourist being arranged differently to a British holidaymaker. The art of packing reveals a true piece of our natural psyche.’

It also seems that depending on where we are from in the world depends on what we deem as travelling essentials. Brits clearly favour tea and electricals yet those from different parts of Europe for instance the health aware Swedish – deem sun lotion and toiletries as more important.

As next to nothing flights continue to offer us cheap deals and open up new possibilities for us to travel to unusual countries we are becoming more and more open to new ideas and concepts and more willing to try new things – something it seems may eventually effect exactly what we pack.

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