What’s On In Cheshire This Winter?

Cheshire is a country that offers a great deal, both to would-be tourists from other parts of the country (and indeed the world), and to locals. It’s easily accessible, with excellent transport links to nearby Liverpool and Manchester (and the rest of the country, via the M6). There’s always something to see and do, making this among the best places to spend a few spare days this winter. Let’s consider some of what’s on offer in the county in the near future.


Walks at Dunham Massey

Dunham Massey is a sprawling estate, now under the stewardship of the National Trust. The main house is closed until the 11th of February, but the surrounding grounds remain open to the public. A ramble around the park will provide plenty of intellectual and visual stimulation for visitors. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse at the ground’s resident herd of deer, as well as other resident wildlife, like owls and woodpeckers. There are guided walks on offer, which will ensure that you don’t miss a thing – though if you’d prefer, you can always go for a wander yourself (just be sure to wrap up warm).

Also present on the grounds is one of the best winter gardens the country has to offer – as well as a restaurant, which offers ramblers home-cooked meals – the perfect way to recover after an hour or so spent walking around the estate. You’ll even be able to buy locally-grown produce to take home.

The Cheshire Hoards

Since July, Congleton Museum has been telling the story of the region’s very early history via their ‘Cheshire Hoards’ exhibit. The exhibit proved to be among the most successful that the museum has ever hosted – with more than 1300 visitors taking a look since it first opened. The exhibition is free to enter, and displays hoards of roman treasure discovered near Malpas and Knutsford. These collections of coins and jewellery tell us a great deal about what life must have been like for early Roman settlers to the British Isles in the first and second centuries – and how crucial this part of the country was during that time.

Port Sunlight Museum

Port Sunlight is a village founded in 1888 by Willaim Hesketh Lever (better known as the ‘soap king’). It was built to house the workers for Lever’s factory, but today it contains a great deal that will tempt visitors to the area, including parkland, architecture, an art gallery, and a museum detailing the area’s early history and how, exactly, it came to be.

The latest special exhibition to be hosted in the museum showcases the work of three photographers who were active during the first twenty-five years of the village. Thanks to their work, we have an early record of how life was during this period. This was a time of rapid advancement in photographing technology, and so we’re also provided with an illustration of how the art of recording images became widespread – even amongst hobbyists with no formal training. The exhibit, Port Sunlight in Focus 1896-1916 ­– traces the rapid expansion of the company’s PR machine during the early years, and shows off some rare and unpublished photographs which really help illustrate what life was really like in the village at this time.

The museum can be found in the heart of the village, in a building that was once the village’s ‘girl’s club’. You’ll be able to learn all about the events that shaped the village into its current form, before heading out to explore. There’s a gift shop and a tea room, as you might expect from a modern museum.

Carden Park

Carden Park is a very large and feature-rich hotel and conference venue in Cheshire. It’s the perfect location for those in search of a venue for a corporate retreat – or for a place to spend a weekend. The grounds are enormous, covering almost a thousand acres. They’re home to not one, but two world-class golf courses, as well as two restaurants, two bars, a swimming pool and a spa – meaning that you’ll never be stuck for something to do.

If you’re planning a corporate retreat, then you’ll be able to benefit from improved rates throughout January – there are a myriad of different suites available for hire, so be sure to investigate. If you’re just looking for a base camp from which to enjoy what’s on offer in the county this winter, on the other hand, you’ll find few better hotels in Cheshire.

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