When Bad Stuff Happens

You’ve all heard this phrase before: sometimes – uh, stuff happens. Bad stuff, just so we’re clear on that. But never fear – when bad stuff happens, there are nice people out there that can help you.

So when bad stuff happens to you, your possessions, or your place of living, you don’t have to give up on life and take to living in your car or a cardboard box (although they have the advantages of being a lot more mobile and easier to replace, respectively, than your current living situation, there’s really no place quite like home when it has four walls and a ceiling made out of something besides paper).

And even if you’re not in a bad stuff-y situation right now, it’s always good to know what you should do and which nice people you should call in case you ever to find yourself at a point in your life where things have gone south in a hurry.

  • If there are weasels attacking you, call animal control.
  • If there are flocks of birds attacking you, you can probably solve the problem by dropping whatever you’re eating and running. But if this is an ongoing problem, you could try calling a bird whisperer, or possibly just calling your boss and quitting your job as a thriller movie extra.
  • If there are colors, call the drug rehabilitation center.
  • If there are voices, call your local psych ward – actually, just give us the phone and we’ll call the nice people in the white coats for you.

So you see, it’s simple. If you know who to call for help in life’s little less-than-ideal situations, the bad stuff-iness can often be solved. Take these commonly occurring problems, for example:

Wind Damage Cleanup

Generally speaking, unless there was a full-blown tornado, the most you’ll need to fix any damage from the wind blowing too hard is a roofer to replace a few missing shingles, maybe a landscaping person or two to help remove larger debris like trees and replace anything of your shrubbery that is currently sitting in your neighbor’s yard.

If there was a tornado (or you got really unlucky about those trees) you might need to bring in a contractor to fix any structural damage.

Water Damage Cleanup

Flooding can really do a number on your house itself. But luckily, flood damage cleanup tends to be pretty effective.

You can probably take care of blow-drying your books by yourself, but to take the water out of the walls and floor before mold starts to grow usually takes more than your vacuum and some open windows, especially if there’s still a foot of water kicking around in there.

Call the nice guys with the really big vacuums – and, of course, professional training and water containment abilities.

Fire Damage Cleanup

You’d be surprised at how much actually can be saved from most house fires. Obviously they’re not going to glue the ashes that used to be your living room back into a couch for you, but the professionals can often save things that weren’t completely destroyed in a fire by removing the scent of smoke and any soot from everything, including the walls, floors, etc.

Many fires can be contained to one part of the house if response is fast enough or you had a fire extinguisher to work with. You don’t have to give up on an entire house full of possessions because they smell like a cook-off gone wrong.

Earth Damage Cleanup

Wow, we’ve seen a lot of bad stuff happen before, but really? The actual dirt you walk on is attacking you now?

Actually, if all four classical elements are trying to destroy your house, at this point it’s probably best to just move. We think you might live on top of an ancient burial ground.

By Lilia Otori

Lilia has been writing on topics important to homeowners for nearly a decade now, and enjoys incorporating factual information with more imaginative things. She is pretty sure you’re not actually living on top of burial grounds, but she would consider moving just in case.

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