When Involved In Auto Accidents, Commit To Receiving Compensation

Accidents that involve vehicles such as cars and trucks occur every day. These accidents can be physically, emotionally and financially devastating to those involved. For example, if a victim is hit by a UPS truck, he or she may suffer from pain caused by personal injuries that occurred during the accident. It is also common for accident victims to have large medical bills from the accident that need to be paid. If seriously injured, he or she may even have to miss work due to having to focus on their recovery. As you can probably imagine, there are many costs associated with an auto accident so in order to maximize financial recovery, accident victims should hire an attorney with experience handling auto accident cases to manage their case.

Commit to Receiving Fair Compensation

To accomplish this, hire an auto accident attorney because there are many benefits to doing so. The first huge benefit is that the attorney has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies. They will be aware and know how to handle the following scenarios:

Initial Offers

Ultimately insurance companies are financially responsible for the legal protection and obligations for their policyholders. Insurance companies want to minimize any payments to the victims of auto accidents so they will attempt to settle with the victim directly, usually for a fraction of what he or she could potentially recover if the entire process plays out. An auto attorney will have the knowledge and experience of dealing with insurance companies.

Understand the Value of Your Case

An experienced auto attorney will know the value of your case and he or she will fight for every dollar you deserve. If on the fence regarding whether or not to hire an attorney, you should know this. A typical unrepresented victim can expect to recover about one third of the total amount of money that a represented victim would recover from an insurance company. This alone makes it worthwhile to hire an attorney to recover damages from an insurance company. This statistic proves that any investment made for hiring an attorney is well worth it in the end.

Determining Potential Defendants

Auto attorneys are also knowledgeable of the full scope of damages and potential defendants. This could be critical in maximizing recovery of damages. For example, if a UPS truck hit your vehicle and your airbag was faulty and did not work properly, you could have a potential lawsuit against the manufacturer of the airbag. Any damages that could have been reasonably foreseeable as a result of a faulty airbag can be recovered against the manufacturer of the airbag, the company that installed the airbag, and possibly the manufacturer of your auto.

Limits on Insurance Proceeds

These potential defendants are critical to the outcome of a lawsuit, especially if the damages seeking compensation for are severe. When insurance proceeds are tapped for value, then that is the maximum amount the victim can potentially recover. However, if the victim is able to add deep pocket defendants such as auto and airbag manufacturers, the potential to get a big payout that is deserved increases. Therefore, hiring a legal professional to help identify defendants is definitely something well worth considering.

Delay and Stall

Insurance companies are not only known for offering minimal settlements to the victims of its policyholders, they are also known for delaying payments. An average victim may be intimidated by large insurance companies and as a result, are unwilling to confront them regarding the delays. An experienced auto attorney will fight for the rights of his or her client and will ensure they receive compensation in a timely fashion.

It is for all of the reasons listed above, that it is critical for a victim of an auto accident to hire an attorney. New Jersey has dangerous roads due to the high population and abundance of cars and for that reason, it is extra important that car accident victims seek professional assistance from truck or automobile accident lawyers.

This article was written by autor Sarah Smith on behalf of the New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers at Drinkwater & Goldstein LLP.

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