When Should You Start – And Stop – Blogging About Your Wedding?

Marriage is timeless. Weddings, on the other hand, constantly undergo changing trends. From the style of wedding dress to the most popular type of flower and everything in between – it all changes through time. Right now, technology is making a significant impact on wedding trends. You can plan almost every detail about your wedding from your computer, and easily keep in touch with your wedding party and guests. You can even blog about your wedding.

Wedding blogs are gaining in popularity, and you’ll see many blogs documenting the progress of their wedding planning and the outcome of their wedding online. Wedding blogs are new, so there isn’t much protocol to follow. If you want to blog about your wedding, when should you start – and stop?

Your Wedding Announcement
The proper time to start a wedding blog is when you are ready to announce your upcoming wedding/recent proposal. You shouldn’t start your wedding blog any time before that, because it will only seem tacky or crazy. Beginning your blog with posts about your hopes for a proposal, or ideas for a purely imagined wedding, isn’t good. Shortly after the proposal, you can safely begin blogging about your wedding without appearing too eager.

Wedding Planning
More specifically, it’s a good idea to start your wedding blog when you begin planning your wedding. In reality, that might be immediately after your proposal. You might get right down to selecting a day and scouting venues, for example, and so it’s a great time to start blogging about the progress of your wedding plans. In some cases, however, a couple might get engaged but plan to put the wedding on hold for a significant period of time for their own personal reasons. If that’s you, you might want to wait to blog about your wedding until the planning really begins. A single post about an engagement now – with no planning posts for months or years to come – will make your blog seem abandoned.

Your Wedding Day
Everything you blog about will build the anticipation for your readers of the big day. When that big day comes, it makes for the most significant and exciting content for your blog. You should absolutely blog about your wedding day, and you might split it up into several different posts. You might consider stopping your blog there, and that would be very appropriate. A final post thanking your readers for sharing in your special time would be just fine and a great way to end things. But you don’t have to stop there.

Your Honeymoon – and Your Marriage
Blogging about your honeymoon – afterwards, of course – is also an excellent way to continue your blog, and your readers will be happy to hear about it. You might even continue your blog with a few posts about how married life is going for you. You can stop blogging at any time now. If you find that you enjoy it, however, and want to continue, you can easily turn your wedding blog into a personal blog, as long as you make a clear transition and wrap up the topic of your wedding.

Julie Payne is a professional wedding planner. When Julie first began using online marketing to support her business, she began searching wedding website WordPress themes that met her individual needs.

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