When Will I Need To Hire Lifting Gear?

If you are completing a one off construction job at work or at home, it is important that you have the right equipment to complete the job efficiently. If you have quite a big load that you need moving from one place to another and it is going to be too difficult to do it by hand, you might need a little help from lifting gear.

Most people will just hire lifting gear if it is only needed for a one off as it will be much cheaper to hire it rather buying it new in.

What Is Lifting Gear?

There are many different pieces of lifting gear, each of them will vary in the job they can do. Lifting gear is mainly invented so that you can move one large load from one area to another; the large loads can be anything from bricks to cargo that needs shipping. Lifting gear consists of cranes, hydraulic jacks, winches, fork lift trucks and scaffold ropes.

How Do I Know What Lifting Gear I Need?

If you have never worked with lifting gear before, you may struggle finding out what lifting gear you are going to need to hire. You will need to take measurements of the load to get a better idea what lifting gear you need. You should also get a rough estimate of the total weight.

You should then contact a company that offers lifting gear hire, you should tell the company that you are not quite sure what lifting gear is going to be the most appropriate. You should give the approximate weight and measurements of the load to the company so they will then be able to work out what lifting gear hire is going to be the most appropriate for you.

Health and Safety

Once you have received your lifting gear, it is important that you abide by the health and safety regulations. You shouldn’t use lifting gear if you have never been trained to use it properly and safely, if you do go ahead and use it without the necessary training, you can be putting yourself and the others around you at great danger.

When you hire the lifting gear, you will be given the option to have a qualified person come and complete the whole process for you. This can be a much safer option as the person will complete the whole job, having a qualified person completing the job will make it much quicker.

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