When You Need A Professional Mover

If you have a small office, it might be tempting to just have your employees handle the entire move. Here are some of the hazards that are presented to employees and to your equipment when you do this and why they exist.

Maybe you have an office where a lot of your employees happen to be pretty athletic. This may lead you to believe that, rather than hiring professional movers, you could just have the biggest, burliest people in your office haul the desks and other heavy equipment out. There are some real dangers here.

First and foremost, such work may not be in your employee’s job description. If you don’t have insurance coverage to handle this type of work, you may be putting yourself in a very bad situation if one of your employees is injured.

Movers do specialized work. Your employees may be able to lift up a heavy desk but that doesn’t mean they know how to carry it down the stairway safely, carry it back up another stairway safely or get it into a vehicle safely. In addition to the danger posed to the equipment itself, there’s real danger to the employees. Movers know how to pick up heavy objects and, importantly, they know when they have to set it down for a moment to allow their muscles to rest and they know how to set it down safely, even when their muscles are very tired. Have an employee handle this work without any training and you’re likely to be driving someone to the hospital for a broken foot or a bad cut.

Computer Equipment
Computer equipment needs to be packed in the right way and it needs to be hauled in the right way. If somebody isn’t quite strong enough to haul it for a long distance, it means they’re going to be picking it up and putting it down over and over again while trying to get to the moving vehicle. Every time they do this, they risked damaging some of the components or hurting themselves. It’s better to have people with the right equipment and the knowledge of how to use it come in and handle this work for you. This minimizes the chances that you’re going to end up having somebody drop a server or a desktop computer and ruin potentially thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

Risks to Life and Limb
If you want to see professional movers at their most impressive, watch them take something heavy up or down a staircase. This isn’t something that you just do without any training. Not only do you have to be very strong to handle this type of work, you have to be able to handle an awkward load in an awkward space without hurting yourself. This not only means heavy equipment such as dollies and other transportation equipment, it means having back braces, the right type of footwear, the right type of work gloves and other safety equipment that’s designed to keep your body safe.

Any piece of furniture or equipment that gets damaged in a move can be replaced, however expensive it may be. An injured employee cannot be replaced so easily and you may find yourself in a lot of hot water if you get an employee injured by asking them to do something that they are not trained, equipped or for that matter specifically employed to do. Think before you try to save money by not hiring professional movers. Professional movers can get you out of an old office and into a new space so quickly that there’s really no reason to skimp on this valuable service.

Sarah Brown is a writer for DBIndustries.com. DB Industries offer professional office moving and relocation services in the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area.

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