Where Did I Misplace My Bathing Suit In The Riviera Maya ?

There  is a long standing  tradition that seems to happen  to  travelers  and vacationers who visit  Cancun  and areas  of the Riviera Maya.  Their personal property – be it bathing suits, souvenirs and even their luggage seems to be misplaced, waylaid or even missing?   Is it their fun in the sun, excessive carousing, being on vacation or perhaps even theft from the Mexican hotel staff or locals that is the culprit?  Read on my friend and you may well realize that your conundrum may well be the result of a longstanding Mayan tradition of the spiritual world – that of the Maya “Alux” simply having fun and playing pranks.   Once you put your misplaced goods to rest – you will realize its all fun and games, nothing serious.  Life is short so to speak and after all you and your traveling companions are on holiday – to relax and have fun.  When you get back home ,  and  if  your items  never reappeared ,  well then you  can sit and ponder after all will these playful spirits of Mexican antiquity cause you never to return to your place in the sun and the beaches of Cancun Q. Roo ?

Aluxes are Elflike Creatures of Mayan Tradition – that When Not Given Respect Love to Play Pranks on their Victims:

“Aluxes” are, that is according to Mayan traditions, mischievous elfin or childlike creatures that live in the dense tropical jungles of the Yucatan and other Mexican jungle locales. Be a non-believer or a person who give  the elves little or no respect and you will become a prime candidate or victim for their playful tricks and pranks  that is according to old ( and well held by the Mayan scriptural)  lore.  In terms of historical beliefs it is held by some spiritual anthropological authorities that these “Alux” were originally clay or stone carvings that were placed in the ancient Mayan spiritual temples that “magically” came to life.

The Belief in the Alux is firmly held in the Mexican Maya Culture & Peoples Even in 2013:

These run-ins and tactics of these little deities are a legend firmly held in the minds and traditions of a fair percentage of the “locals” and local residents you will deal with along the path of your Mexican Riviera vacation.  No doubt if you ask about the existence of the Alux or Aluxes you will told numerous examples of the capers and frivolities of these apparent little pixies.   They can cause the phone to ring late at night – with no one at the other end of the phone line. They can move objects around or even hide them on you.  Count on the Aluxes being blamed when food goes missing.  Lastly in our modern high tech world of 2013 if your laptop’s mouse goes awry or if you computer gets infested with a virus – well then no doubt you can blame these dastardly folk of the mythical world.

Mexican Locals in the Yucatan Build Shrines to the Alux to Curry Favor & Show Respect:

What to do?  Well to curry the favor of the Aluxes, many ethnic Mexicans and Mayans will construct for them little shrines or houses on their properties.   It seems not to take much at all to appease them and indeed once satisfied that they are being given the recognition and respects they deserve expect things to turn around.  You, your family or traveling companions may well be the beneficiaries of the good luck and good luck charms and fortune.

Even Major Resorts & Complexes Routinely Build These Little Shrines to these Mayan Deities.
Interestingly for vacationists – even staying at the highest end of resorts that once you are aware of these local traditions you may well spot these shrines devoted to these little imps or whom say will refer to as Mayan gremlins.  Additionally if you ask house or serving staff in your hotel or lodgings no doubt you will hear and observe that “everyone has a story” about their involvements with the Aluxes of Mayan tradition and lore.  Remember take it all with a grain of salt.  You are in Mexico to relax, have fun. Take good care to respect the local traditions and lore no matter what you think or feel.

Carmen E. Eden

Carmen  is a long time local resident of Puerto Morelos who once came for a  Cancun vacation , met  Pto Morelos  &  just stayed on.  Sure he says the summers are hot yet there are no  long  cold  winters.  On top of that he notes its relatively modest and inexpensive to have lodging to stay in-  that is compared  to what visitors to the beaches pay back home in the US or Canada.

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