Which European Travel Destinations Offer the Best Value For Money…

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. In this article, we’ll look at three travel destinations that offer great value for money, all in the continent that travellers regard as the most expensive.

Contrary to popular belief, London can be great value for money. Although accommodation remains costly, other expenses can be minimised. Buying an Oyster Card for just £3 will give you half price fares on the bus and tube. You can also get around on a Boris Bike for just £2 for 24 hours. The stands of bicycles are seen throughout the city. As for activities London has a huge array of Museums. The greatest part is that the biggest of these are all free to tourists. With the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Science Museum, British Museum and Natural History Museum all free of charge to name just a few, these places will keep you occupied at no cost! The Camden Stables market offers great value food with its variety of international cuisine that shows off London at it’s multicultural, culinary best.

Berlin is a fascinating city to explore. By virtue of it’s past; the reunification of East and West Berlin has effectively taken two cities and made it into one huge metropolis. This has resulted in low property prices that make Berlin a cheap city to visit. Unlike London, hotels in Berlin can often be found at much better rates. But also similar to London is that there are many free attractions in Berlin. Most of these consist of World War Two museums and monuments that explore Berlin’s past. These include the Topography of Terror, the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, the East Side Gallery and other attractions that attempt to interpret the past. A fantastic idea for your first day in Berlin is to take advantage of the free tours outside Brandenburg Gate, which give you a fantastic overview of Berlin by knowledgeable and friendly tour guides.

We all know that Paris is expensive. So if you want great value for money perhaps Budapest is worth a punt. It’s been described as the Paris of the east and rightly so. Budapest is adorned beautiful and majestic period architecture and was added onto the UNESCO world heritage list in 1987. Its distinctly rustic feel makes Budapest a particularly magical place to walk around and explore at your leisure. Unlike Paris, it is not nearly as overpriced and gives you terrific value for money.

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