Which Locksmith Prices Are Fair?

Locksmith prices vary considerably between lock firms, and there are usually good reasons for this (although there are a few that simply overcharge). In this article we review other, more reasonable reasons for this. Our goal is to help you reach a sound decision, when it comes to protecting your security.

Town and City Locksmith Prices

It’s reasonable to expect a company in a larger urban area, to charge more for servicing and repairing locks, access control systems and safes. The costs of their premises are bound to be higher and their staff will demand city wages. Moreover, they’ll be spending more time travelling throughout a larger area in start-stop traffic that pushes up their travel costs. So expect a geographical adjustment to their lock-repair fees.

The Availability Factor

The second main determinant of locksmith prices is their availability – or not – outside normal business hours. This stands to reason when you think about it. If they’re maintaining a 24/7 alarm repair and key replacement service, then they have to build in the cost of locksmiths standing idle waiting for a call – and that does affect their costs. On the other hand, a nine-to-five locksmith shop with a carry-in guarantee should be charging less.

Parameters of Locksmith Prices

There’s no laid-down standard for charging in the locksmith industry. Some companies arrange insurance for emergency repairs when auto or premises security systems fail. Others charge a rate per job (which may be cheaper in the long-run if there are fewer problems) and it’s the structure of the rate they quote that’s the core of the matter. It’s essential to obtain at least a verbal quote before agreeing to a locksmith visit, and to make sure their price includes the total cost of the job. Grey areas include adding extras for call-outs and late night work. We’ve even heard of some adding a quotation fee and inventing problems.

Wild Cards

Armed with this knowledge you should be in a better position to compare rates and decide which locksmith prices are fair, and which are not. However a few regrettable cowboy key and lock repairers still hope to charge as much as they can get away with. This may be because they don’t feel like doing a particular job. It can also be because the customer’s in a panic. We cannot overemphasize the need to choose a locksmith in advance of a requirement. If this is not possible, then it’s vital to compare locksmith quotes.

Deciding Between Locksmith Prices

In the real world, the parameters seldom fit neatly into these tidy slots. Selecting an access control specialist, alarm technician or general lock repairman is usually a combination of several of them. The quality of service and the integrity of suppliers are equally important factors, as is their availability in a crisis. Locksmith prices are not the only criteria for a wise decision. Fortunetly in our generation findeing a professional locksmith is easy beacuse of the web. This can simplify the proccess of getting a locksmith estimate.

This is a guest blog post created by Cory Picow.

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