Which Of The Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Models Is Right For You?

Picking out a new vacuum cleaner can sometimes be a time consuming process as there are so many different models and packages to choose from. There are budget friendly selections, as well as fully loaded packages that include a number of attachments and perks.

In order to pick out the right model, there are a few things that should be considered, such as the price, features, and what kind of cleaning needs there are in the home.

Figure Out Which Model Fits The Budget

The very first consideration when looking at any new vacuum cleaner is how much it will cost and whether it will fit into the budget or not. This is a fairly simple process but there are some things to consider when looking at the cost.

Something that should be taken into consideration is how much will be spent on things like replacement belts, filters, and other accessories. This cost is fairly small but should be factored into the total cost of the unit since these are things that need replaced from time to time.

How long the sweeper lasts is another important factor. Less expensive sweepers often only last a few years while the higher end Rainbow vacuum cleaner models can last for a decade or more.

Explore The Different Package Options

There are two basic options when looking at Rainbow vacuum system models – complete packages and unit only options. Within these two categories are a number of different styles and attachment or package options, increasing the available choices.

Unit only packages are best for those who already have attachments from a previous model and simply want to upgrade to a more powerful motor, or a more recent model.

Unit only packages can also be useful for those who only need a few basic attachments. With these packages, owners can simply purchase the attachments they need and save the extra money.

Those who need more complete Rainbow vacuum system models can always look for ones that include everything the owner will need to clean their home from top to bottom.

Complete packages are perfect for anyone who needs a brand new sweeper and all of the attachments that come with it. They do tend to cost a bit more, but many reckon the cost worth it to get a complete package.

Either of these options can be a great choice for anyone who is looking for a sweeper that will give their carpets a professional level of clean every time they vacuum.

Look For A Model With A Good Service Plan

The last consideration when looking for a new sweeper is what kind of warranty or service plan comes with it. At minimum, owners will want a plan that covers at least the first year against damage or broken parts.

Upgraded service plans are another good option if one is available. With these upgraded plans, repairs or replacements are covered, or available at very low cost to the owner.

Finding a good warranty or service plan with the Rainbow vacuum cleaner models is important because it saves money in the long run as the repairs are covered. In some cases, this can save owners hundreds of dollars when something goes wrong.

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