Who Regulates Construction Companies?

Through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) office, The United States Department of Labor is responsible for the regulation of construction companies.  OSHA provides workers and employers useful and up-to-date information on the Construction Industry.

The DOC seeks to serve as OSHA’s main source for standards, policy, regulations, programs and assistance to OSHA, the construction industry, other Federal Agencies, and the general public on health and occupational safety.  Its functions include establishing and maintaining a construction compliance guidance and assistance program.  It also avails technical construction services in engineering, safety and statistical analysis.  The office also coordinates construction training with the Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs Operations, in addition to construction education, cooperative, consultation and outreach programs.  Coordination with the Office of the Solicitor on the legal consequences of compliance decisions, interpretations, or other litigation action for the construction industry also falls under this docket.

Who Regulates Construction Companies?

The DOC Office of Construction Services provides construction safety assistance to all agency components.  It also plans and manages a program working with the construction industry to enhance safety awareness and reduce construction accidents.  This office engages in activities such as establishing and maintaining contacts at all management levels and labor in the construction sector to facilitate communication and promote general safety awareness. The Office of Construction Services also ensures client groups affected by OSHA’s activities in the construction sector are given adequate and appropriate information and notice regarding the Agency’s activities.

The mission of the DOC Office of Construction Standards and Guidance is to provide workplace construction standards and regulations for safe and healthful working conditions in addition to providing the development of comprehensive compliance programs for both internal and external stakeholders in the construction industry.  The office engages in activities such as advising and assisting the Director in the development and implementation of policy and plans for construction standards and regulations. It also gathers relevant information and performs analyses on recommendations for the development of new and modified construction safety standards, among others.

The Office of Engineering Services provides engineering assistance to all Agency components. It plans and manages a program for investigating and inspection construction accidents involving fatalities and catastrophes which receive nationwide attention. It also works with the construction industry on technical issues to enhance safety and health awareness and reduce fatalities, illnesses and injuries.  Some of its activities are acting as a technical consultant and advisor to the Assistant Secretary on construction issues.  It also provides construction expertise to evaluate serious and/or unusual occupational safety and health incidents.   The coordination of activities of the office with other National Office Directorates and Offices also forms part of this office’s duties. Additionally, the office participates in providing technical assistance for enforcement or voluntary compliance efforts to State operating OSHA-approved State programs at the request of the affected OSHA region.  The office also keeps abreast of changes in developments in the construction industry to develop and execute safety and health engineering feasibility programs, among others.

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