Who’s Having A Baby In 2013?

If 2012 was the year of the Olympics and the Jubilee, 2013 seems destined to be the year of the celebrity baby. Several high profile couples have announced pregnancies recently, so who are the babies to watch in 2013?

Baby Cambridge

Probably the most famous baby due in 2013 is the son or daughter of Kate and William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. A due date is yet to be announced, although sometime in late June seems the most likely date. Kate has been suffering with severe morning sickness which is most commonly associated with being pregnant with a girl, or could it possibly even be twins? One thing that is for sure is that Kate will look radiant throughout her pregnancy, despite the sickness. Best bets for baby names are Victoria or John.

David Walliams

Comedian David Walliams, best known for being one half of the Little Britain show and for his cross channel swimming exploits, recently announced that his model wife Lara is having a baby in May. This baby is likely to be one of the best-dressed in the UK as both parents are trendsetters, so expect 10 page spreads in the glossy magazines with the delighted parents and the baby looking gorgeous in its organic clothing for children. Best bets for baby names are something a little quirky, like Fleur or Barnaby.

Peaches Geldof

No sooner than the first baby is born that Peaches Geldof announced her second pregnancy. Peaches has reportedly taken to motherhood like a duck to water, although she admits that finding herself pregnant again with a 3 month old baby was a bit of a shock to the system. She’ll be dusting off the organic clothing for children before the new arrival is born in the Spring, and Peaches and her husband have already decided that their new son will be named Phaedra.

Claire Danes

She’s had us glued to our screens every Sunday night as Carrie in Homeland, and just after shooting on the second series of the thriller ended in the summer, Claire Danes announced she was pregnant with her first child. Her husband is British actor and model Hugh Dancy, so chances are that the glamorous couple will go for a traditionally British name for their baby, perhaps along the lines of Alice or William?

Lily Allen

Lily Allen has had her fair share of tragedy as she lost a baby late into her first pregnancy, but had happier news in 2012 when she had baby Ethel. She is now pregnant again, but due to her desire for privacy through her pregnancy has not announced many details about when the baby is due. Given that the first baby had a very old-fashioned name, it seems reasonable to expect that the second name follows the pattern. Our bets are on Edna, Reginald or Horace.

Fearne Cotton

DJ Fearne is due to give birth very soon into the New Year, as her ever-expanding bump indicates. The baby’s father is the son of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, so with such musically inspired parents, the baby is likely to be called something a little weird or wacky.

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