Why Buying A Used Car Isn’t Such A Bad Thing

There is a common perception in today’s society that new things are always perfect and without fault whilst used things are outdated, useless and are almost always broken in some way or other. This is a  view that applies especially when it comes to cars.

Buying a new car is mainly seen as the best option as they are in the best possible condition and the chances of something going wrong are seen to be very slim. Used cars on the other hand tend to be seen as a gamble to buy because they have been used previously so are likely to fall apart at any second.

But these popular views are just outright incorrect. Buying a used car isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact there are many great reasons for opting to buy a used car. Here are all the pros and cons you need to know about.

The Pro’s

Used Cars Aren’t All Old
It’s common knowledge that buying a used car is much cheaper than buying a brand new car from the manufacturer. But many car buyers think that this is simply because second hand cars are old and outdated so the only way car dealers can flog them on is to sell them at a low price.

This perspective is wrong. Not all used cars are old. In fact some used cars may only be a few months old when they are put up for sale. As soon as a new car is driven away from the showroom the value of the car depletes. This is why you can pick up a relatively new car for a fraction of the cars original price. Choosing to buy a used car is often the logical thing to do and can save you a nice amount of money.
A little tip is that often used car prices can be haggled down meaning you can come away with an even better deal!

The Insurance Will Be Cheaper
All car owners know that insuring cars can be extremely expensive, even more so if you are a younger driver. But not many people realise that insuring a used car is much cheaper than insuring a new car. Seems obvious but many people are completely unaware of this. Choosing to buy a second hand car can save you a great deal of money through the cheaper insurance.

You Will Have Greater Choice
As you probably know the economy isn’t exactly doing so great. Because of the way things are car dealers and people wishing to sell their cars have had to cut offering prices in order to increase the chances of sales. What this means is that for the amount of money you are willing to spend on a used car you will have much more options. This is because many different kinds of cars will be being sold at a relatively similar price.

The Cons

  • Used cars don’t usually come with warranty. Once the car has been owned by one person the warranty tends to become void. However this is less of an issue than it once was because as a whole used cars now tend to be more reliable. This is because cars are built with longevity in mind and used car dealers don’t want to sell low quality cars.
  • The risk of them breaking is a little higher than that of a new car. However you need to bear in mind that new cars often have faults too. Also if a part breaks you don’t have to pay full price to replace them. You can go to the dealer alternative for auto parts where you can found the best prices on discount auto parts
  • Buying a used car on finance isn’t always an option. New cars tend to come with the option of being able to purchase them on finance. Used cars on the other hand tend not to. Car dealers and people selling cars tend to want a one off payment.

This post was written by Henry Janeson, an occasional guest blogger, car maniac.

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