Is Coffee Grounds Toxic For Your Dog? Why?

Certain foods that we can freely consume contains ingredients that are toxic for pets, especially dogs and cats. Among these toxic or dangerous foods, coffee is also there. Depending on how much of it is consumed by your dogs or other pets, it can be a severe risk of life for them. Dogs who accidentally ingest coffee grinds experience severe illnesses and often death if they aren’t treated immediately by a veterinarian.

Ingredients in Coffee Grounds that are Harmful to Dogs

There are 2 ingredients that are toxic for your dogs. Methylxanthines and Caffeine. Both of them are found in coffee plants; specifically the leaves and seeds off coffee plants contain a large amount of toxic. When the dogs ingest a seed or other parts of coffee plants, the toxic ingredients inside them can cause side effects with an hour or two.


Signs or Symptoms of Illness

As soon as your dog or puppy ingest the coffee grounds, they will immediately experience the signs and illness of diarrhea and vomiting. With an hour you will also see the increased thirst or increased in urination. Abnormal heart rhythms and elevated heart rates are also observed and reported by pets experts. The list of side effects of ingesting coffee grinds also include an increase in body temperature and seizures and may die if they aren’t treated on time. So all these signs must be addressed immediately by a veterinarian.

common-streams-dogs-coffee-groundsPossible Treatments

When your dog ingests coffee grinds, it must be treated by a veterinarian within a short period of time. Left untreated for a couple of hours can cause serious illnesses or even death. So if you don’t want to lose your pet, you must give him lots of fluids if you cannot take him to the right place at the right time. This lots of liquid, induce vomiting and then you must give him activated charcoal in order to absorb the amount of toxin in his body. It is best to take him to a veterinarian who may also provide your dog some medication to slow down the heartbeat of your dog and help to soothe his upset stomach.

Conclusion – Is Coffee Grounds Really Toxic For Your Dog?

Certain items in our home that we can usually ingest without any worries can be poisonous for our pets, particularly cats and dogs when they are younger. Among these toxic or unsafe foods, espresso, cafe latte, joe, and their grounds are top on the list. Depending upon its amount is consumed by your puppies or kittens, it tends to be a danger of life for them. Dogs who coincidentally ingest coffee grinds encounter genuine sicknesses and may also die if they are not dealt with instantly by a veterinarian.

There are numerous poisonous substances in our homes that can be conceivably destructive, including plenty of toxic ingredients for our pets. Other things in our kitchen we need to keep our puppies away from, includes grapes and raisins oven cleaners, automatic dishwasher, detergents, xylitol alcohol, and other chemical or toxic items.

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