Why Computers Are A Great Online Niche

For an ecommerce store to be successful, many factors are at play, but no matter what the webmaster does, right or wrong, there has to be enough demand for the products the store sells. High ticket items bring more informational type search queries and the buyers do plenty of research before committing. But, these types of sales are usually less frequent for the shopper. So, if you’re looking for a niche that dictates frequent product replacement, even if the item is in the few hundred dollar range, the buyers will come. In the computer niche, everyone either needs or wants a computer these days. Parts break, viruses wipe them out, and upgraded versions are constantly released. All these factors make computer domains ideal for someone looking for a profitable ecommerce niche.

Computer domain encompass new personal computers, laptops, a mouse, speaks, video camera, software, etc. They span not only the work environment and home environment, but every age and generation, too. Around the holidays, people tend to buy the pricier gifts for their family members. Businesses replace and acquire new computers all the time. There really is a year round market for anything computer related.

The Service Industry

The market is still wide open for computer repair services. Most people, at least where I live, go to Best Buy and over pay for computer repair. As savvy as people think they are with Word, Facebook and email, they get completely frazzled when something goes wrong with their computers. Akin to going to a mechanic and being told all types of things are wrong with your car, computer repair services rely on the customer not knowing any better. Ultimately, the customer will pay for services or parts that were unnecessary and never be the wiser. Owning a local computer domain and building out a website would enable a computer service specialist to compete with the big repair companies and beat them with a lower price.


Ever notice how your appliances break once the warrantee is up? Computers are no different and laptops tend to break more easily because they get moved around, dropped, slammed, etc. When the port to your laptop breaks, it’s no easy fix. If you try to fix it yourself, you have to take out many parts and you’ll likely completely ruin the computer.

Any way you look at it, people will buy computer related products whether they need them or want them. Technology advances rapidly, products become outdated, and older products become incompatible with newer ones. Clearly, computer domains are great for the webmaster looking for a profitable niche to enter.

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