Why Cornish Wine Is Making A Statement On The World Stage

Cornish wines are quickly gaining a reputation on the world’s stage for being some of tastiest selections. Wine connoisseurs know that great soil is needed to produce a fabulous wine. However, very few people are aware that the Cornwall situated within the far south of England has very fertile soil contributing to a one-of-a-kind tasting beverage. The area is mishmash of geological terrains which led not only to stunningly beautiful vistas but also to an exceptionally balanced mineral content in the soil. The soil is formed by the erosion of granite and oceanic rocks and makes distinctive blend of minerals for optimum tasting grapes.

Cornwall wines are of the finest quality because of several factors including:

1. Soil mineral content

2. Increased amount of sunlight

3. Diversification producing both reds and whites

4. Distinctive winery tour experience

Additionally, the location’s southern latitude means the area gets the more sun in the United Kingdom. The longer hours of sunlight and warmer temperatures are critical to grape growing and the production of excellent wine. The early winegrowers in the area were retired English Colonels and Naval Captains who readily accepted the challenge as more of a hobby in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. However, many failed as they did not have the knowledge of wine making or understand the business side of the industry.

The real birth of modern wine making in Cornwall began in the 1990s when technologically-knowledgeable businesses began setting up vineyards in the area. This new generation of winemakers planted their vines along the steep inland slopes to maximize the amount of the sun each day. Unlike many other English wines, which are predominantly white, the fertile soil in the Cornwall area enables many varieties of red wine to be produced as wells. Cornwall vines also yield exceptional white wines.

The diversification of the types wines produced in the area has made it well known to wine enthusiasts. Cornwall is able to effectively tap into both the red and white sectors of the English wine industry. Savvy winemakers have been able to utilize the natural features of the area to maximize production provide quantity as well as high quality. The high yields of grapes means the industry was able to capitalize on efficiency t produce a less expensive product while still ensuring a top quality beverage.

In addition, many wineries open their doors and fields to visitors who want to know more about how their favorite wine is made. Many visitors initially take the tour so they can get to the wine tasting however they are pleasantly surprised by the unique stories behind the business as well as the technology employed. Many of the Cornwall vineyards offer idyllic settings with rolling hills planted with grapevines as well as charming well preserved historic structures. The combination of beautiful landscape and vintage construction is a memorable scene evoked with each sip of red or white wine. The event and wine quality generates loyal customers which also relay the experience through word of mouth to family and friends.

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