Why Creating A Company In Dubai Makes Sense

If you are considering starting up your own company abroad, there are many options available to you. Each will have their own various merits, but you would be hard pressed to find any location with the benefits that Dubai has to offer.



Ok – who wouldn’t want to live in Dubai, with the weather being as fantastic as it is? This one is a real no brainer really. It’s about as close to paradise as you will find here on Earth. Almost every day is sunny, and the winters are still warm and extremely short. If you hate rain, or are a sun worshiper, this is most definitely the place for you.

Tax Benefits:

How does paying no income tax sound? How about no Corporation Tax? These kinds of exemptions are available to you in commencing your company in Dubai. Imagine retaining 100% of your capital profits – that’s amazing in any language. Paying these kinds of taxes – they are always a massive chunk of change to pay over, so retaining that money can only benefit the company, enabling you to grow.

Sounds Great! – How To Get Started:

There can be no better place for a new business or company to commence, other than the DWC Free Zone. Getting started off could not be easier – First of all, a great first step is to make contact with a company such as Privacy Management Group. In a few short minutes, you can be good to go. You would need to provide some details like the purpose of the company, any specific requirements, and then, in no time at all, they will get back to you with the best solution, based on your input. If acceptable to you, they will look after everything of importance from there, including office leases, and those all important Visas (and we all know how tricky those can be!).

About the DWC:

The Dubai World Centre Business Park is ideally located. Centrally positioned, it is less than 45 mins away from Abu Dhabi, and less than 20 mins from Dubai. Boasting 11 purpose built commercial units, office spaces that are very spacious, with a huge variety of business licences, and competitive pricing, the DWC has everything you need. You can even choose to have either a fully fitted out or plain shell office. You can also be guarantied of car parking spaces, employee visas (depending on the square footage leased), and have the comfort of a variety of services and retail amenities nearby.

So, it’s all happening in Dubai. The DWC is the ideal place to start off your company. It really doesn’t get any easier than this. And with no capital deposit requirement, no need for local sponsorship and no currency restrictions, things really don’t get much better for the budding entrepreneur. Dubai is a country that is vastly expanding, at rapid pace, so your company can be right in the heart of this action. And there can be no better time than right now, to make the plunge.

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