Why Cycling Is The Way To Go In London

Click here to discover six reasons why cycling is not only environmentally friendly, it can save you money and speed up your travel to work time

One London local authority made an eye-watering £23.8m from parking charges alone in 2014/15, according to an RAC Foundation report.

With landlords charging an average of £2175 for a two-bed property in Hammersmith and a similar size home in Putney costing in the region of £557,000, according to local estate agent Lawsons & Daughters, it is no wonder that more Londoners are travelling by bicycle.

In 2015, the total number of journeys by bike made by Londoners increased 5%, hitting an all-time record of 23 million, which works out at 610,000 every day.

Why Cycling Is The Way To Go In London

And those cyclists are gaining more than cut-price travel.

6 reasons to cycle in London

1 Faster journeys

Research shows cyclists in London reach their destination about three times faster than travelling by car. Try to get anywhere in the capital by car these days is bordering on nonsensical – especially with such a fantastic and affordable alternative available.

2 Save money

A good bicycle is an investment. A carbon model with race-worthy performance and handling can cost close to £1000, although cheaper bikes suitable for commuting are available.

But once the initial cost of a bicycle – plus helmet, lights and a high-vis jacket – is met, the running costs are minimal.

Car owners, on the other hand, helped boost Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s coffers by more than £23m in 2014/15, while the London congestion charge is now £11.50.

Public transport also adds to an average London commuter’s cost of living. Wimbledon estate agent Robert Holmes & Co points out that an annual travelcard covering Zone 1, 2 and 3 of Transport for London’s pricing structure costs £1520, or £146 per month.

3 Keep healthy

A large number of studies carried out over recent decades have shown that cardiovascular health responds enormously well to cycling. It’s an absolutely fantastic example of a low-impact activity that’s known to have an extraordinarily positive effect on so many different areas of health – everything from muscle development to fat burning and right through to improved brain function.

4 It’s as green as it Gets

There’s pretty much no form of transportation that ticks all the right green boxes quite like cycling. The importance of paying attention to protecting our environment is perhaps more evident in London than almost anywhere else in the country – suffice to say, cycling is a great way of doing your bit.

5 It’s far more enjoyable

Long-term research has shown that cyclists arrive at their destinations happier and more energised than those who travel by car or public transport. Whether it’s a hideous commute to work on Monday morning or a leisurely trip to somewhere more pleasant on a weekend, cycling is inherently more enjoyable.

6 You’ll live longer

Cycling is linked with longevity. Taking part in even modestly moderate cycling activities on a regular basis significantly reduces the likelihood of early mortality. So not only is it supremely enjoyable, it could actually help you live longer at the same time!

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