Why First Impressions Matter

Throughout the years most of us have probably heard the saying a first impression is a lasting one at some point. Generally speaking this is meant as a way to encourage people to put their best foot forward during a first introduction.  When people and their actions are in question this can be applied to any situation. However, what happens when an inanimate subject such as a building is the focus of this statement? The answer to this question will be our focus today as we take a closer look at entrance mats.

Before you continue to read today, take a moment and let a mental picture come to mind. Picture a building or even more than one if you would like. Perhaps this is a place of business that you routinely visit. It may even be a place in your town that you have wanted to visit, but have yet to do so. Once you have that mental image in mind, let it guide you while you continue reading.

The exterior of a building, whether it is commercial or otherwise is typically the first aspect that many of us will notice. If the building you are picturing in your mind is a place you have visited multiple times, the exterior may no longer catch your attention. However, try and think back to the first time you approached the location. Do you remember what first drew your attention to that location? Some of you may have been drawn because of how the building functions. Take for example your town library. Others of you may be drawn because of a certain architectural feature that caught your attention. Perhaps it stood out among the buildings surrounding it.

Once you are drawn to the location you may notice other features that catch your attention like some exterior painting or other decoration. Did you happen to look down upon your approach or once you entered the location? If you did you may have noticed a mat under your feet.   These mats can come in a variety of textures and designs. Many of which can be custom fit to the location they are destined for.

Do you own a place of business and would like to add that extra special feeling to the building? Entrance mats may be just what you need to fulfill your desire. Your customers may even feel more relaxed and cared for if they see a dry surface waiting for them on a wet weather day. Adding your company’s logo to the mat is another way to reinforce your presence in the building. No matter what type of building you work in, you may want to consider one of these mats. As with any form of decorating it is best to do your research and contact suppliers. The professional final touch you have been looking for is out there waiting for you to find it.

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