Why Is The Annoying ‘Gio Compario’ So Successful?

Everyone knows the annoying voice of the ‘Go Compare’ insurance comparison site’s mascot, ‘Gio Compario’, as soon as you hear it, wherever you are you will see people with their head in their hands, slumping back in their chairs and groaning as if to say “not again!” So if Gio Compario is hated so much, why do they use him and why is he still on out TV screens?

The answer to that is simple, he’s memorable, so people remember the site. In other words he is one of the greatest advertising tools on TV – along with Aleksandr Orlov on the Compare the Market site of course. Basically, everyone knows the song, pretty much everyone will sing the song as soon as you mention ‘Go Compare’ so one of the first sites you will think of when it comes to car insurance will be ‘Go Compare’.

This is obviously great for the company who – although have chosen possibly the most hated fictional character in the world as a mascot – will be gaining a great profit from the nation’s hatred of him.

It seems though that Go Compare are gaining even more success from the nation’s frustration as they continue to launch a new stream of adverts which sees Gio Compario targeted by a number of assassins, including TV presenter and tennis star, Sue Barker, and scientist Stephen Hawking. Go Compare seem to have got it 100% right when it comes to their advertising campaign as after the introduction of Gio Compario they played on the frustration of the public and have now introduced adverts that see him removed from the face of the Earth – something else that they know people will watch, purely for satisfaction.

After this, Go Compare felt that they should take their advertising campaign further and now also have a huge number of billboards promoting their, popular mascot, but the majority of them have been defaced, or have they? In fact Go Compare themselves have ‘defaced’ their own adverts in exactly the same way that most of the British public would probably want to, with captions like ‘Go, get another job’, or ‘Go get singing lessons’.

There are a number of things that make this advertising campaign so successful as at the end of the day the best adverts are the ones that people remember, whether it’s for good or bad reasons which is why you won’t be too surprised to learn that Gio Compario has now been contaminating our TV screens for over three years!

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