Why It’s Well Worth Investing In A Blast Chiller For Your Commercial Kitchen

A blast chiller’s key purpose is to reduce the temperature of the food it contains quickly, with a view to prolonging the life of the food products. Any hot food is chilled quickly, and temperatures are reduced efficiently compared to a standard refrigeration system. By including a blast chiller in your commercial kitchen arsenal, you could be improving your efficiency and service, not to mention reducing wastage.

Why It's Well Worth Investing In A Blast Chiller For Your Commercial Kitchen

Quality Products:

As soon as food is cooked, it can start to lose some of its aesthetics. Its nutrition starts to deteriorate, and because of bacterial growth, it also loses freshness. Bacteria grow faster on warm food, so it pays to cool the food down as quickly as possible.

A good blast chiller will control temperature and humidity along with the time it takes to cool the food, which allows you and your business to stay in control of food safety. All of that helps maintain the appearance and nutritional value of food for longer.

Chillers are available from stockists of catering supplies like www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk. For more information on the importance of food safety, visit the government site, Food Safety.

Increasing Shelf Like:

The speed a blast chiller works at is truly impressive. It can reduce a cooked product’s temperature from 70 C to +3 C in only an hour and a half and is compliant with Food Standards Agency (FSA) regulations. The speed means that moisture content is preserved so food does not shrink in size or weight.

Improved Efficiency:

Anything that claims to save time and money is good news to a business, and a good chiller will soon become an essential part of your commercial kitchen. Having one to rely on means you can buy ingredients in bulk or batch-produce key lines in advance so you’re prepared for peak periods. It also allows for more efficient energy usage. Refrigeration systems generally run better when they’re fuller, and the blast chiller itself can be used to chill full loads quickly and easily, saving your business money on its energy bills and helping the environment via reduced energy consumption.

Look around for a good-value blast chiller. Once you make the investment, you will find that it becomes one of your most valuable assets and you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the leap sooner.

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