Why Men CAN’T Buy Their Own Clothes (Even Sportswear!)

Men are pretty easygoing when it comes to their appearance. They are generally fine with getting up, grabbing some clothes and then heading out the door. Of course, when their wife is in tow, the wife wants her hubby to look good and not have that unkempt look. There are some things that wives really like to have an opinion on and men do the right thing by just letting their woman have it.


Golf Shoes

These are something that men will take seriously. Golf is how they get time away from the wife so they want the right gear so they can enjoy this quiet time with their friends. Of course, the wife may not like the shoes you choose or may not like the price. How many men have had their wives insist on cheap golf shoes? Women who do not play golf just do not understand how important it is that the shoes worn on the green last long and allow men to golf in comfort. There IS a happy medium – cheap AND comfy golf shoes DO exist (you just have to hunt for them – and what man doesn’t love a good hunt?!?)



Men just want a jacket that keeps them warm. They do not care about fabric, color or style. Give a man a coat that fits and he is happy. However, the wife insists on spending hours in the mall and visiting every store that sells coats because she has to find that perfect coat. Of course, this is a perfect coat that she will not even wear. Men, the next time you need a new coat, do not tell your wife. Just stop on your way home from work and buy one. You will probably hear about how it is not right for you, but you will have saved an entire Sunday trudging through the mall. And, who cares about price. You have a job so enjoy some of that money you work hard for and grab one that you actually like and will not be embarrassed to wear.



Men do not do outfits. Men buy pants and shirts and do not care if they match. When a man gets up in the morning, he does not want to spend an hour trying to find the perfect outfit that extenuates his best features because guys just do not think that way. Men want to wake up, brush our teeth, run a comb through our hair and toss on some clothes. As long as a man is covered up, he is good to go.



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