Why Must You Use Java?

Java as a programming language has a great value  for the developers because of certain characteristics of this language. These characteristics distinguish it from the other languages. This article will throw light on the characteristics of Java which make it unique and you will be able to develop strong grounds for selecting it as a language of your choice. The major characteristics of Java are as under.

Java is a very simple language and it is quite easy to understand and implement. For this reason it is also termed as a human friendly language as anyone can pick enough information about the code by simply reading it. Moreover its syntax resembles to that of C++. This makes the Java learning process even easier.

Java programs can easily run on any platforms where Java run time system is installed. Any platforms like Windows, Mac or Linux can run these applications. Additionally these programs can also be run over the world wide web in the form of applets.  Moreover, Java is machine independent and it is not limited to any specific hardware.

Java provides the support for multithreaded programming.

Java applications are a lot more secure than the applications developed on other platforms. The features provided by Java ensure that information is safe and there is no leakage in it. This is more suitable for the development of secure web applications and also helps in secure access to the web applications.

An important characteristic of Java is that it can be run in the distributed environment. It can easily be transmitted and run over the internet. Java applets are used over the world wide web to be accessible to anyone.

Java programming enforces the strictly typed format and run time checks are performed

Object Oriented Paradigm
Java is a pure object oriented language and all the programming has to be performed in the object oriented paradigm.  On the other hand, C++ is not a pure object oriented language as programming in C++ can be done in, both, object oriented paradigm and procedural paradigm.

Dynamic Authentication
An important feature of Java programs is that these programs carry on quite a lot of information about the usage and access of objects which restrict access to these objects at the run time and ensure dynamically that the programs are meeting their objectives.

Highly Optimized and fast response
The byte code is quite efficient with respect to the processing speed so it greatly enhances the performance of code execution.

Interpreted Execution
Java programs are converted into the byte code which can then be executed on any platform. The byte code is interpreted by the Java Virtual Machine on any platform. So Java provides a cross platform support.
The characteristics mentioned above must give you a very good idea about the robustness of this language. These points will clarify you that why must you use Java as your development language.

David Hulmes is a independent consultant as well as a author of articles covering topics related to programming training, tips and tricks. He has extensive knowledge of object oriented languages, VB.NET, C#.NET, Java and C++. This article is courtesy of Netwind Learning Center.

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