Why Online Dating Is Taking Over From Meeting In Bars

It’s the New Year and everyone is busy making resolutions, planning their year and in some cases planning their lives. Many single people, who at the stroke of midnight 2013 were not too happy to be stood around watching all the couples hugging and kissing, have more than likely decided to solve this issue. One of the ways many young singles are going about finding love is not by getting their glad rags on and hitting the local bars, but by firing their laptops up and creating a profile on one of the many online dating sites.

The reason todays singles seem to be opting for online dating rather than hitting the clubs seems to be the fact that, as with everything in this age, we can get what we want and fast. Looking for a 6ft 4in, black-haired, sports coach who loves children and long walks? That’s not a problem. You can state that and filter searches to find like-minded people.

What was perhaps two to three years ago considered a little taboo is now the norm with some online dating sites set up to cater for specific groups, such as people who enjoy sports wanting to meet others who enjoy sports and so on. In fact, the rise of specific dating sites has increased quite significantly and this is more than likely due to people wanting to make sure that they meet Mr or Miss Perfect without spending hours sifting through profiles which do not match what they are after.

Another reason the young single person enjoys meeting online is also because it fits in around their lives. We all know how fast-paced life is and online dating makes meeting someone that much easier. Most either have email alerts, mobile apps or both and so people can literally date on the go.

Many cultures are now seeing the benefits of using this means of meeting new people and one of the biggest growing demographics is Muslim dating. As this form of dating becomes more and more accepted, we will naturally see more and more demographics being catered for. One thing that is certain is that online dating will continue to rise in popularity and become more and more widely accepted among young and old alike. We will more than likely look back in 10 years’ time and laugh at the primitive way in which we used to meet our partners.

This article was written by John Meadham on behalf of asiansinglesolution.com.

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