Why People Opt For Urns In Lieu Of Caskets

Death is inevitable and you should be ready to face it when your time comes. Thus, you have to settle on how you would like your remains to be after you leave this world. You can choose cremation as a way to deal with your remains. For this, you have to be familiar with cremation urns. These are jars or containers that are used to keep ashes after cremation.

Greeks were one of the first people to use urns for keeping the remains of a person after cremation. Greeks used urns that were made of marbles. You find them in galleries which give an impression that there is life after death.

Different Types of Urns
There are different kinds of urns. You can choose from the metallic, earthenware or wooden urns. At present, the glass-blown types are also gaining popularity. This is because the ashes are visible when glass is used. For people who are very concerned about the environment, there are urns that are bio-degradable.

You may wonder about the price of urns and the cremation process. You will be pleased to know that cremation cum urns can be less expensive than burial cum caskets. This is one of the foremost reasons that people choose cremation over burial.

How do you find urns for your ashes? You will have to search first from the crematorium or the funeral parlor. These places for memorial services usually have samples displayed in their offices. If physical urns are not available, then the crematorium may show you different photographs.

Another way of finding the designs of the urn is via the internet. You may look at different types of urns available at the sites of urns provider and find the kind that is appealing to you. This is a very convenient method.

Costs of Urns
The cost of urns depends on the design, material, condition and the substance used. You can find urns for as low as £20. But there are also expensive kinds that may cost as high as £700. Urns made from specialized materials and with intricate carvings can cost very high. The price can go up further if you add embellishments, jewelry, passages and letterings to the urns. You can customize your urn and pay a premium for the personalization. You can do anything as you wish in the appearance and design of the urn.

The usual shape of the cremation urn is blossom vase. This reflects an association between your life and the flowers. Aren’t you as beautiful as the flowers to warrant such form of urn? There are those who want to immortalize their departed beloved and the best way to this is to modify the memorial urn in accordance with the personality of the deceased.

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