Why Pest Control Should Not Be A Taboo Subject

A pest is an animal or plant which is seen to be harmful in some way to human life. This could be because it threatens the environment, the economy, or our health. Common pests include rodents such as mice and rats as well as ants, fleas, certain insects and birds.

What Is Pest Control?
Pest control is a way of attempting to eradicate or decrease the population of a particular pest in an area. Pest-control services first identify the species which is causing damage, and then draw up a strategy to eliminate it. When dealing with a pest problem, a specialised company should always be contacted.

Why Is Pest Control Necessary?
Pests can contaminate food and household items with bacteria from their faeces, urine or hair, potentially causing illness in humans and domestic animals. They can also cause considerable damage to houses and commercial premises by eating through various materials or breeding, for example.

What Methods Are Used?
Commonly used methods are poison, fumigation, treatment, sterilisation and elimination of breeding grounds. Poisons can be localised to affect only the undesirable animal, but pet owners should take care that domestic animals do not ingest the poison. Prevention in the form of waste management and not allowing still water to stagnate eliminates breeding grounds for insects. Where possible, prevention is always the best option.

Don’t the Animals Suffer?
There are strict guidelines which regulate pest control and anything that causes unnecessary, prolonged suffering to an animal is outlawed. The decision to kill an animal is not taken lightly. When it is deemed the only option, it is carried out using methods which limit fear and pain. Other precautions are taken, including ensuring that no more animals than necessary are affected. This is another reason why when it comes to pest control Dublin residents, for example, should always get in touch with trained professionals who know about the anatomy of the creature and how various methods will affect it.

How to Prevent Pests Infesting Premises
Generally, buildings should be kept in a good state of repair. Any holes should be sealed and walls, doors and windows should be checked regularly for gaps and spaces. If insects are an issue, removable wire meshes can be fitted around doors and windows. A dirty house is more likely to attract pests so if you want to avoid sharing it with a family of rodents then keep it clean and make sure food is stored safely in cupboards.

Amy Jones writes about many aspects of modern life and is an advocate of humane treatment of animals. She writes on behalf of Total Pest Control Dublin.

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