Why Private Flights Are Quicker Than Commercial Flights

Time is money. And these days, not only are private flights much more affordable than you might think, but they are also big time savers. So if you are looking to get somewhere quickly, private flights with an air taxi company may be your best option to do so. Here are some of the reasons why getting a private flight is generally a quicker way to go than traveling on a commercial flight:

Airline security

Getting through security in order to take a commercial flight has become an arduous task after 9/11, taking several hours during high-traffic time and being a grueling experience even during light traffic time. That means that many people have completely given up on flying, choosing driving, going on a train, or not traveling at all.  Others have decided to travel on private flights, which are safe and secure, but do not have ridiculously demeaning security to go through.

Connecting flights

So many airlines these days have their traveler take more than one flight to get there. That means that what could potentially be a two-hour direct flight can take three, four, five or six hours or more with having to get a connecting flight, thanks to having to wait for the connecting flight. Add on another connecting flight, and airline travel could take all day, or even another day. But with private flights, you would be able to fly directly to where you need to, without having to switch planes.


When you travel on direct flights, you travel with your bags right there with you on the plane. You don’t have to go through the time and bureaucracy of baggage check, or the hassle of picking up your bags off a conveyor belt after the flight. You don’t also have to deal with worrying about your luggage being lost on the flight, either.

Checking in

Private flights have a much simpler check-in procedure than commercial flights, where you just identify yourself, as opposed to waiting on long lines that undulate out the door. Checking in for your flight can take an hour or more during peak travel times.

Location of airport

Another advantage to flying on private flights is the location of the airport. Private flights are often at small airports that are closer to the city, as opposed to being at a sprawling location on the outskirts of town. In addition, because the airports where private flights depart to and arrive from are generally compact, it will be easier to arrive and leave.

In summary, if you want to get to where you want to go quickly, private flights are the way to go. It saves time in every way.

Lisa Swan writes for travel sites such as FlyKavoo.com.

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