Why Rent Office Furniture?

From Eames to Knoll to La-Z-Boy, designers have always known that furniture makes a statement about who you are. It tells those you welcome to your home or office about your personal style. Are you modern and chic? Are you all business? Is classic elegance your cup of tea? Is laid-back comfort your way of embracing the day? When you acquire furniture for your office, it’s important that you send the right message to potential clients and employees, and it’s sometimes difficult to do that on a tight budget.

Office furniture also determines a great deal in terms of the comfort level of your office. We have all worked or studied in offices with hard chairs or broken desk drawers. These types of inconveniences can distract workers and make time at the office less than pleasant. So, how do you tackle the issue of new office furniture when you are just starting a new business or planning a corporate image makeover?

Rent Now, Save for Later

Renting your office furniture offers a perfect solution for the maze of financial concerns that are a natural part of opening any new business venture. Funds are generally low at the inception of a new company, and it is sometimes too great of a risk (or sacrifice) to invest the necessary funds in swanky new office digs. Buying furniture can take much-needed capital out of your company’s coffers, when those dollars may well be better spent on marketing, salary, or a host of other business concerns.

Renting office furniture allows you to save money for other operational needs of your business and still have the necessary equipment for your space. Companies such as Cort allow you to have a flexible option when it comes to your financial overhead. These retailers offer everything that you might need to furnish your space, and payment comes in the form of installments, rather than one, painful expenditure.

When you take into account the many items that you need for your new workspace, such as lamps, desks, chairs, fixtures, or cubicle dividers, the costs can seem out of this world. Renting these items allows you to obtain them all at once, instead of turning down items you may need now while you wait for your profits to grow.

Quality Matters

If you are weighing the costs of new office furniture versus keeping your current pieces or opting for used/lower-quality items, think again. Imagine welcoming new clients into an office with tattered chairs or worn desks. When a potential client sees an office in a state of disrepair, they may assume that you do not have what it takes to keep your company up and running or that you do not care about the details. Greeting consumers and clients with a professional, up-to-date image helps secure new business and promote your brand. If you use the funds that you might spend on low-quality office wares to rent furniture for your office space instead, your business will maintain a professional and savvy look for the same price.

Guest post by contributing author Richard O., written on behalf of Cort. If you’re looking to rent or purchase office furniture, be sure to check out their Furniture shop!

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