Why Scrooge Was A Real Hero

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable times of the year, with festive songs being played in shops as early as September.  Yet however pleasurable the festive season is, it can leave a pretty sizeable hole in your pocket in the following year which somewhat diminishes the Yuletide joy memories.

Here are a few money saving tips; next Christmas you’ll have enough to pay for Santa’s full sack, your added weight and avoid an empty pocket.

Who’s Naughty and Nice?
Before you hit the high street last year, you should have coppied in a list to good old St Nick himself, ensuring that you checked it twice!  Whether you are spending money gained from one of those handy short term loans, or some of your savings,knowing what you need to buy before you go shopping is essential.  This means you will not waste money on any unwanted or unnecessary items.  When you do hit the shops, ensure that you get a gift receipt.  You may think the present you have chosen is perfect, but there is always a chance that the recipient will not agree.  Enclosing a gift receipt with presents will help to avoid those embarrassing moments where people tactfully enquire whether or not you kept the receipt.  It is not all bad news when it comes to gift giving however.  Initiating a secret Santa with family, friends and work colleagues will mean that you only need to find one good present, rather than having to worry about finding several small ones.  Set a price that everyone can afford and you are good to go.  To raise a bit more money, it is always possible to sell unwanted items online, putting the cash to good use and splashing out on a loved one.

The Price is Right
Whether or not you have received a monetary injection in the form of a short term loan,you will want to get an amazing deal.  Using comparison sites ensures that you get the best price for presents; try and purchase everything in one bulk order, in order to save some money on postage and packaging.  Online voucher codes and coupons can also offer some great deals, making gifts and meals cheaper.  It is not only discounts that are worth looking out for, but promotions too.  Offers in store such as three for two on gifts can provide perfect stocking fillers for a fraction of the price.  Recipients never need to know that they are getting the same thing!  It is of course not just other people that need to be considered.  If you feel like treating yourself when completing some Christmas shopping, test your will power.  Rather than braving the Christmas and Boxing Day rushes, wait until January when prices are often slashed.   There is nothing worse than buying something and then seeing it at a much cheaper price months later!

Crafty Cheer
There some ways to join in the festive cheer for free and feel as good as if you have bought a luxury present.  If your loved ones live far away, chatting to them online can often feel as special as spending a lot of money on a gift.  At the other end of the scale, if you are sending a card to those that live close by, why not deliver it by hand?  Getting creative at Christmas is not only fun but can result in you saving a lot of cash.  For example, cutting up old Christmas cards to make gift tags is one great money-saving scheme.  Just tie a loop of string onto the card and you have your own personal design.  Another idea is to assemble your own present.  Purchasing pick-and-mix sweets and arranging them nicely in a jar offers a homemade alternative to luxury products and is guaranteed to be equally as tasty!  When it comes down to it though, Christmas is really for kids.  Luckily, children are not as concerned with price as a lot of adults are.  Try making a gift with them, or creating a fun activity.  It will be much appreciated, free and a lot of fun for all the family.  When it reaches Christmas Eve, reading the classic poem ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’ has the potential to instil as much excitement as the promise of a new toy in the morning.  As long as you have remembered to buy them that all-important advent calendar of course!

If like enthusiastic writer Paula Whately you adore Christmas then pay attention to her advance money saving tips. There is nothing worse than having a tight budget for the festive period so ensure you save well and use short term loans wisely if necessary. Be a Scrooge and enjoy Christmas!

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