Why Should More Businesses Invest In Solar?

Many residential property owners in the UK now understand the benefits of solar power, with more than 500,000 properties now having panels fitted. However, compared with other European countries, the UK has not seen as much investment from commercial property owners. By increasing the share of this market we could see a substantial increase in the amount of solar power generated and the businesses concerned would also benefit.

Why Should More Businesses Invest In Solar?

Boost to Supplies

Commercial properties are a huge untapped market for the solar industry. As yet there are only about 400 systems in operation, but there is the potential to increase supplies with about 250,000 hectares of available roof space on commercial properties that is facing south. This is the prime direction for solar power generation and the roof space is currently not being used for anything else. Buying property both here and overseas can be something you need to seriously weigh up pro’s and cons to, Robert Stones Target Markets go to guy can discuss this with you more.

Benefits to Businesses

Not only does investing in solar power have advantages for the supply chain, but it can also help companies to save money. We have not invested as heavily in this market as some other countries have, where more businesses are seeing the advantages that solar power can bring. In this country there are currently over 4.6GW of panels fitted, whereas Germany already has over 30GW and leads the world in solar power. We have around 1.8 million commercial buildings that could potentially have solar panels fitted. In the rest of Europe nearly a third of solar panels are installed on commercial properties.

One of the main advantages of installing commercial and domestic solar panels in Swansea is the savings it can make for the environment. This is a green, renewable and sustainable form of energy generation and one that we can continue using for generations to come. It doesn’t result in CO2 emissions or the generation of other toxic substances, which reduces the impact we are having on the environment.

As well as reducing carbon emissions, the use of solar energy can also enable companies to cut their energy bills. There are some businesses that are already seeing the benefits of their investment in solar. Bernard Matthews currently has 19 ground and roof solar systems across their sites in East Anglia. They have an aim to generate enough energy to meet up to 50% of the energy needs of each site.

Solar panels, are durable and long lasting, with panels working for around 50 years. This means that once the initial installation costs have been covered through the energy savings, any further electricity that is generated will be free. This will reduce the amount of energy companies need to buy from the National Grid, lowering their bills.

Solar panels can also make money for businesses as everything that is generated earns through the Government’s Feed-in Tariff. This is even the case when you’re using the electricity for your own needs. Any surplus energy can also be sold back to the National Grid.

If the commercial solar sector is to grow, the Government needs to look at additional ways of encouraging businesses. Increasing the amount of commercial panels will significantly boost the level of energy generated.

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