Why Should You Pick A Right Name For Your Dog?

Dogs are the most loving beings in the world.  Whether you talk about tales, movies, books or stories; you can find people quoting dogs as ‘unconditional lovers’. Indeed, once you own a dog, you would know how it feels to have one. If you are planning to have a dog in the family, it is no less exciting than having a baby. Those cute puppy eyes, smiling face and soft fur; ah, it is a delight.

Why Should You Pick A Right Name For Your Dog?

Once you own a dog, you feel like a responsible person. You take the responsibility of a heart that beats right next to you. You meet a furry friend who makes you happy and share your sorrows. If since you have decided to have a dog soon, you might have already indulged into dog conversations. You might be thinking about which name should be picked for your new family member. Indeed, it is not easy to give your furry friend a name. There are many things that you have to consider if you are really a true dog lover. There is no need to give your pooch a random name that not even reflects his personality.  You must be thinking what is in the name right? Well, there is much in the name that you should know before you name your buddy. Following are the reasons that you should give your beloved pet dog a right name.

It matters

The name that you give to your dog is how you communicate and gather his attention.  Therefore, the designation must be convenient to say and attention-getting.  The name should not rhyme with similar to a common word or the names of other family member. Then it does not ends there, you have to come up with a name that goes with his personality.

You know dog trainers believe that a one- or two-syllable long name like Lucky, Lucy, and Jack is best. It is because it gets easy for dogs to remember and similarly it is simple for people to say.  It is no-brainer that dogs typically learn smaller words and commands faster. Since that is the case, you must make it easy for both the parties and name your pooch something unchallenging.  A tough consonant with a high frequency (sh, s, ck and so on.) or long vowel sounds (“ay” or even “ee”) are best for grabbing attention.

Calling Your Dog in Public

Many dog owners think they are hilarious when they pick a comedic or vulgar name for their pooch. You need to remember that   you are going to settle your dog with this name forever. Whatever you decide, you are going to be calling them with the same name in public too. For example, if your beloved dog runs one evening, it would get tricky for you to call him loudly in the park or street. So, better you have a decent name than to create a scene.

If you are thinking that you would change the name of your dog in the course of time then you are so wrong. You cannot do that. It would make your dog really disturbed. You cannon just start calling with a new name one fine morning. Your dog might not be able to take it. So, make sure that you take a right name for him in the very beginning and don’t mess with it. It can be really pathetic to change names for your dog.

It says about the personality

It might interest you that the name you are giving to your pooch is going to say a lot about him. He would be taken on the bases of the name you have given to him. Now what is the point if your dog is really adorable but you have given him a name like fussy or rough? Of course, these names may sound trendy and catchy but they might be tarnishing the true personality of your beloved dog.

You need to pick a name those talks about the personality of the dog and other factors too.  Now it would be really ironic if your dog is huge and you have named it ‘tiny’ or ‘junior’. It won’t be really blending with the looks of your dog right? Similarly what if your dog is snowy white, but you have named it ‘blacky’? These things do count a lot. Maybe initially you find it interesting, distinct, and classy but down the lane, it might irritate you significantly.

Don’t pick general names

It has also been seen that many dog owners give their dogs a name that is really general. It means they give them a name that is of human beings in common. For example, if you are naming your dog Justin, John, Leza, Marshal, and so on; these names can turn out to be embarrassing for you. just imagine your friends visit you home and one of them has the same name that of your dog; wouldn’t it be so awkward for that person and you; both?

You need to be really sensible in your naming pattern. You cannot simply pick a name that is quite common in human society. What if you take your dog to a doctor in the hospital and therein the doctor’s name is the same that of your dog’s? You cannot avoid such an awkward situation every now and then right? it would be good if you explore a little and pick the names that sound more like that of dogs and rarely be given to human beings. You can go for names like Bruno, Victor, Tiger, Leo, Ted, and benny and so on.

Thus, it really matters to have a right dog names for your beloved pooch. If you want to keep your dog as a respected and loved member of society then you have to name him in a decent manner. Just imagine if you were given a stupid, indecent or hilarious name by your parents? Wouldn’t that be so embarrassing? Be attentive about the name you are giving your pooch!