Why Still Need To Focus On Your Website’s Meta Tags

Even though meta tags no longer have the same SEO impact that they once did, this does not mean that you should ignore this aspect of your website. In fact, proactively trying to improve your site’s meta tags can have a dramatic impact on your website’s overall success as a good meta title and meta description can help increase you’re the number of visitors your website receives.

Completely Fill Out All Meta Tags

The first step you should take when dealing with your website’s meta tags is to fill them out completely. Since meta tags take up such valuable SEO real estate, you want to make sure you are making good use of this space in the search engine results. Each type of meta tag has a specific character limit that you should adhere to in order to get the most out of each tag.

  • Meta Title – 70 characters
  • Meta Description – 160 characters
  • Meta Keywords – No more than ten

If you stick to the above character limits when creating meta tags for your website, you should be able to maximize each one’s results.

Include Target Keywords Within Your Meta Tags

While including your target keywords in your meta tags used to provide a huge boost in terms of your search engine ranking, this is no longer the case. However, there are still some benefits associated with including your target keywords within your meta tags that you should still continue this practice. When you have a target keyword such as New Jersey SEO, you will want to include this keyword in your meta tags so they appear bolded in the search results. This will draw the attention of anyone searching for that keyword directly to your site’s URL and increase the chances of them clicking on your link.

Write a Good Meta Description

A well written meta description can have a profound impact on your website’s success. When you are writing your website’s meta description for each page, you need to include a call to action and entice the reader to click on your URL. By writing a compelling meta description, you can get more people to visit your website than if you just had a generic description or allowed the search engines to use a snippet of your website’s content to populate the meta description field.

Measure Your Results

To truly understand whether or not your website is successfully attracting new visitors via organic search, you need to measure your results and split test various meta titles and meta descriptions. Setting up Google Webmaster for your website will provide you with actionable data you can use to determine which meta tags are the best for your website. If you notice your website’s URL is receiving a large number of impressions in the search results but not receiving many clicks, you will need to optimize your meta title and meta description to improve your click through rate.

While meta tags are not as powerful as they once were in helping your website achieve a first page ranking for a specific keyword, they must not be ignored when running an SEO campaign. With a well written meta description and attention grabbing meta title, you can increase the number of visitors your website receives without having to do additional work to improve your website’s ranking.

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