Why Teachers Looking For Work Should Get Help From Specialist Recruitment Agencies

It is rare in the modern world, a teacher will remain in the same job for life. Families move far more now than they ever have done and there will come a time in a teacher’s life where he/she will have to seek a new position. Teaching is an ever-evolving profession with educational goal posts being re-organised by the government periodically. When seeking a new teaching job, using a specialist educational recruitment agency has its advantages.

Newly Qualified

The training is complete, it’s now time to enter the real world and begin teaching. It can be daunting and using a recruitment agency to secure future employment will ease the process. Agents will be able to guide and assess qualifications, will undertake the vetting and barring requirements and prepare a newly qualified teacher for their first role as a teacher. Advice is on hand which will prepare a newly qualified teacher for their new role.


There are times when a relocation due to family circumstances cannot be avoided and this a time when a new teaching job will be required. Using a specialist agency offers the benefits of researching the schools or colleges in the new area and the advice will be second to none. Agents will refine job searches and will advise on CV’s and will secure references.

Teaching Overseas

The international schooling circuit offers opportunities to teach many subjects in different countries. Not only English, although this is the main reason for many overseas transfers. Employment agencies specialising in the international schooling sector will ease the process from one country to another and securing employment. Many countries have British schools and American schools, so the roles are not just limited to English teaching roles. Agents will be fully versed in visa entry requirements, accommodation and health arrangements.

Temporary Work

Using an agency is by far, the best way for temporary work. Once registered, a teacher can then pick and choose the roles and can drop in and out of temporary contracts at their own convenience. It is ideal for supply teaching roles and all the necessary checks will be done by the agency. These roles are ideal for people with young families and who need to top up income. There is no committment for long term work and the agency pays the teacher directly.

Support Work, Nursery Work & Other Areas of Education

Jobs in the support area of education are many and specialist agencies also cover the support areas needed in education. Classroom assistants are one example of support work. This area is an extensive area and includes nursery work too. Jobs in this sector can be temporary or permanent and all the necessary requirements are undertaken by the agency. Other areas of education cover positions such as finance directors, bursary roles, pastoral care roles and school nurses. All these sectors are covered with specialist educational agencies. Seeking work in the education sector is a minefield. Using an agency will relieve the pressure of endless job applications and rejections which is common in the current climate. It is a one-stop-shop for all educational jobs and by far, it is worthwhile allowing agencies to do the searching. Valuable time which could be spent working is then not taken up with hunting for the right position.

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