Why Test And Tag Services Are So Vital For The Workplace

Testing and tagging services in Australia are vital to the workforce and reaching the standard of compliance is absolutely necessary. Getting your appliances not only tested but also tagged will keep you in line with the Australian Standard and also ensure that you no longer have to worry about the problems faulty equipment can bring. Australian Standards are very clear about what is required and you need to make certain you keep it done regularly.
What types of environments can testing and tagging be done in?  
Testing and tagging is done in all environments and most businesses that do it also include a number of similar jobs that can be helpful to you and your company. These jobs enhance the testing and tagging of appliances but also give your company an added bit of security and safety. Asking about the surrounding types of work they can do is a great idea and well worth any investment that is reasonable.   

What should I expect when I have this done?  
First the due dates are checked on all applicable appliances and it is determined which ones require testing or tagging. Once this is done, they will check the outside of the appliance for any obvious problems such as conductors that are revealed or showing. Once the appliances are tested, they will be given a barcode for inventory purposes as well as history. This not only keeps a solid record of testing history, but also of serial numbers, model and other pertinent information in case of insurance claims.

Are the appliances generally given an electrical safety test?
This is standard in the industry and should be done on a regular basis to ensure that your appliances are safe and not a danger to anyone. If the unit passes this test, then it is generally dated and tagged as such. If not, then it is marked as out of order and posted why. These electrical tests are vital to safety.  

Once you have the item inspected, then what? 
When you finish the inspection on a unit, the appliance will be marked as approved and you will often get a certificate stating that they are in compliance with Australian standards. You also generally get a copy of the information. New items are marked as such and clearly pass standards.  

When the time comes that you need to update your testing and tagging, then the company that handles your inspections will be able to let you know based on the information in their system. This helps you to not only stay compliant but to stay safe as well. If you need this service, it is vital that you get with a solid company to get things set up as soon as possible. Once you find a company that can take care of this for you, it makes sense to stay with them because continuity is always a good thing with these types of inspections. Changing companies is possible, but it certainly is not something that you should do often.

Rodney is a electrical contractor by professsion and loves to blog in his free time. He has written this article for ATTS, experts in Eletrical Test & Tagging Services in Australia.

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