Why We All Need To Recycle Electronics

Electronic waste, often known as ‘e-waste’ is a growing problem in many parts of the world and has the potential to pose a significant threat to the environment as well as ourselves – electronic waste leaks poisons into landfills which in turn make their way into our water supplies and that in turn has been found to negatively affect the health of humans.

Why We All Need To Recycle Electronics

More Waste Is Generated Every Year

Electronic waste is a growing problem around the world, one that we’re all going to have to play a part in addressing so as to protect the well-being of the environment as well as our own health and those of others.

While we can’t be expected to give up our digital devices and electric appliances, we can all do something to reduce their environmental impact after we have finished with them. The rapid development and expansion of these electronic and digital products, combined with their relatively short shelf life in terms of consumer appeal result in a mountain of electronic waste that not only is unsightly but also non- biodegradable. We need to slow this trend down to manageable levels and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is to recycle electronic waste and prevent it from winding up in landfills. Although we may not see the evidence as yet in our own countries a number of developing world countries are starting to encounter major environmental issues as a result of our own ‘buy and discard’ consumer habits.

So, why should you recycle electronics? Because if we don’t, we’re all facing a catastrophe of previously unbelievable proportions and none of us are going to be unaffected – this will not be a third world or developing world problem, it will be a global catastrophe, one that we will never fully recover from.

The Poisons Contained In Electronic Waste

Electronic waste contains a plethora of harmful, deadly poisons, many of which you are surely aware of, such as cadmium, lead and mercury.

These are definitely not the kind of substances we want seeping through the soil from landfills and into our water sources or released as toxic fumes when burned.

The reality is, that disposing of electrical goods can be detrimental both to the environment and our own health, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ might be a well coined phrase but it is one that should be discarded in regard to electrical waste.

Only a Small Amount of Electronic Waste is Currently Recycled

At the present point in time, only a small amount of all the electronic waste generated around the world is being recycled. In the US, for instance, a country that produces an enormous amount of electronic waste due to its notably high consumer demand, just 25 percent of all electronic waste produced is being recycled.

We can all make a difference and reduce the impact that our lives places on the environment and recycling is one of the most notable ways in which we can create real change.

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