Why we can’t resist a Summer fete

UK summertime brings with it big celebrations. T-shirts come out of the closet, windows are thrown open and village greens everywhere are watered and pruned to perfection in preparation for one annual tradition that dates back centuries. The summer fetes. So, why are these events, staged by schools, charities, and churches across the land, so popular?

White Elephant Stand

It may be donated used items, but you never know when you can find hidden gems. We like to search for good quality items and find a good offer, making for the perfect fete experience. Even though most of the items may be used ora bit pointless, when you know the money will be donated, you will still buy quite a lot!

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A brilliant summer day in England is a sight worth seeing. That might not happen as often as we want, but the show must go on. Planned and ready party organizers will ensure that the most important booth, the cake contest must be under a kind of tent. Because our weather is erratic, rain could suddenly appear, so if you are planning an outdoor event, think about hiring a marquee.

Cake Stand

While on the cake issue, you cannot visit British events without seeing a cake-making or decorating competition, manned by the ever-faithful women of the WI, with plates of drizzling lemon cake, Victoria sponges and the best carrot cake on the planet! Where are we without tea and cake? Even under the hot afternoon sun!

Beer Tent

The one place that might be even more popular than the cake stand is the beer tent! This is an opportunity for the local brewery to shine and people will be thirsty after the traditional games of tug of war and a friendly yet competitive game of cricket. Beer in plastic pints is expected at British parties just as much as charity draws and lucky fortune stalls. Give your punters somewhere stylish and comfortable to sit. The Tolix Style Chair is both kinds of weather resistant and stackable, so the perfect choice for outdoor summer use. Find yours at https://www.pash-classics.com/dining/chairs/tolix-style-chairs


There is not a fete on earth that is ever hosted without flying some colorful bunting! Apparently, making this decoration can be a very competitive activity, with local people spending hours cutting out old materials and old fathers’ shirts to make great works of bunting art. Store-bought bunting is definitely seen as cheating.


Whether it’s ‘the dog who most resembles their owner’ or ferret racing, we really lap up those light-hearted, pleasant afternoon entertainments. Perhaps a local celebrity will put in an appearance or a local radio station? Dog agility, local firefighters, brass bands and costume contests – You will find everything offered during the wonderful tradition of the summer fete in the UK.


The coconut shy, throwing wet sponges at local authority figures, goal kicks, hook-a-duck, and hoopla are absolute staples of fete traditions and 50p a go, much cheaper than rides at the funfair. Who can refrain from winning candy bags or pencils and a cool notepad? Seriously, it’s fun to get involved and we really like to take part.

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