Why You Need Polygraph Testing

What Is It?
Polygraph testing is a method of investigation that you probably know better as lie detection. After establishing a set of questions appropriate to your case the test can begin. The individual undergoing the test will be attached to several monitors which will record their blood pressure, pulse, respiration and skin conductivity throughout the test, each of these are physical indicators that can identify when or if someone is lying. Once attached correctly, operatives will begin to ask the individual the questions outlined earlier and monitor the results to find out the truth. From the physical indicators we will be able to identify at which points the individual is lying.

Sometimes we can have issues with trust in our relationship and a quick way to reassure your partner or to verify their faithfulness to you is to participate in a polygraph test. If you’ve been unfaithful in the past and want to reassure your partner once and for all that you’ve been faithful since, a polygraph test could provide the reassurance they need. On the other hand, if you suspect your partner of being unfaithful to you and want to know the truth from them, then lie detection allows you to find the answers you need without involving third parties and in an environment controlled by you.

Employee Behaviour
Are you concerned that your employees do not always act appropriately or have been abusing company property? If you have worries regarding the people who work with you or for you, then lie detection could provide the certainty you need in a controlled environment that can also provide you with the evidence you may need for a legal case. Polygraph testing can stand alone in forming an investigation but can also prove useful in enhancing the results of a case  that have already been discovered using the other methods available to us.

Familial Disputes
Unfortunately families don’t always get on and as much as we all want to solve the problems we face together as a family unit, we can’t always and this is where polygraph testing could help you. If your family is suffering difficulties due to a lack of honesty, a simple polygraph test with questions determined by you could give you all the information that you require to make an informed decision on the appropriate course of action for you and your loved ones. No matter what the root of your problem or dispute is, the solution could be as easy as lie detection.

Reassurance and Certainty
Whatever the reason you may need to turn to polygraph testing and whatever the result, the outcome that we want for you is reassurance and certainty. Times of turmoil, whatever their origin, are unsettling and often upsetting and so knowing that an answer is within reach can help in reassuring you that hard times are nearly over. The worst part of times such as these is the not knowing that accompanies them. Being able to have an instant answer to all the questions you want to know provides a certainty that you have probably not felt in your life for too long.

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