Will Britain Become A Top Wine-producing Country One Day?

It might come as a surprise, but there are indications that Britain could become one of the world’s top wine-producing regions at some point in the future. While global warming is undeniably posing huge problems for the planet, it seems that one side-effect of climate change is that Britain is becoming more suited to growing the grapes needed to make some of the best-loved wines.

Will Britain Become A Top Wine-producing Country One Day?

While British wine isn’t a new thing, it has certainly become more popular in recent years. The Independent recently listed their top picks of British wines, including an Angevine, a grape that is popular with British vineyards for the delicate wine it can produce.

Britain’s burgeoning wine industry is great news for rural areas, especially those with the ideal conditions needed to grow grapes. Traditional farmers have seen margins squeezed in recent years, and many are struggling financially. Switching over to wine, or expanding existing wine operations, is an attractive option in many parts of the country.

Will Britain Become A Top Wine-producing Country One Day?

Where is British Wine Made?

The answer is – everywhere! Traditionally, many grapes could only flourish in the warmer south of the country, but rising temperatures mean there are now vineyards scattered as far north as Scotland. While it’s still highly unusual to find wine produced north of the border, the rest of the UK has a number of successful vineyards.

Where to Buy British Wine

Many vineyards welcome visitors, offering tours, tasting sessions and other events. Many also have on-site shops, meaning you can stock up on your favourites after you’ve tried them out. If you’re unable to get to a local vineyard and don’t have any specialist wine retailers nearby, there is always the internet. There are a number of reputable online wine merchants in Northern Ireland and other parts of the country, such as http://thewinecompanyni.com/.

Buying from a specialist retailer means you can be sure you’re always going to get a great wine, and that you’ll be able to have any questions you might have answered by knowledgeable professionals.

As British wine becomes more popular, it’s getting easier and easier to find it in supermarkets, too. Why not look out for a British wine next time you’re doing your weekly shop, and swap your usual French or Italian for something homegrown?